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Fast Wax Low Fluoro HSLF 80g

Fast Wax Low Fluoro HSLF 80g
  • Temperature: HSLF White: below 8F
  • Temperature: HSLF Teal: -5F to 15F
  • Temperature: HSLF Blue: 12F to 28F
  • Temperature: HSLF Red: 22F to 32F
  • Temperature: HSLF Yellow: 30F to 50F
This item is currently not available.


White 80g HSLF-0 (below 8F)
Cold weather training and racing wax. Fluoro cold waxes have improved dramatically over the last few years and are now trusted throughout the racing community. Use caution when applying as a very hot iron is required.

Teal 80g HSLF-10 (-5F to 15F)
Training and racing wax for single digit teen temps. Consider HSF Green for better race performance and durability.

Blue 80g HSLF-20 (12F to 28F)
Popular training and budget racing wax. Consider HSF Tan or Salmon for better race durability and dirt resistance.

Red 80g HSLF-30 (22F to 32F)
Low fluoro content helps improve glide in moist snows especially near the freezing point. Racers will find better results with high-fluoro waxes like HSF-30 with its significantly higher fluoro content.

Yellow 80g HSLF-40 (30F to 50F)
Fluoro content improves wet snow glide over non-fluorinated waxes. Yellow is best in clean snow, otherwise consider either HSLF Red for dirtier snow or HSF Bronze for racing performance.