Fischer Carbonlite Skate Rollerskis

Fischer Carbonlite Skate Rollerskis
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As you'd expect from Fischer, Carbonlite Skate Rollerskis are amazing. Fischer utilizes their Air Core construction for comfortable feel, high durability, and weight savings. The Air Core is wrapped with carbon fiber and given an impact and abrasion-resistant poly base with special beveling. This construction results in a super-solid, one-peice design capable of handling the strongest skiers. This also makes Fischer Carbonlite Rollerskis skis ideally suited for strong skiers. This particular model received intensive staff testing from the New Moon crew. Consistently noted was how precise and solid the steering was. Testers also noted how they have a stiff feel without being too harsh or uncomfortable. We are impressed, for sure!

Revized for 2019 with slightly softer ride and significantly improved tracking.

Flat deck - accepts NIS plates or screw-in

Does not include bindings. Be sure to order bindings if needed.

With guest contributor Michael Mandli

The key ingredient to specific cross country ski training, the roller ski, comes in many different brands with wheels designed for specific surfaces and techniques.  The 2019 Fischer Carbonlite Skate Roller Ski, which I have trained on for the past month, checks all the boxes we look for in a great skate roller ski.

First, the design of this roller ski is impeccable and downright beautiful.  After, using them for 185 kilometers, the ski body looks like new and the wheels are worn evenly.  This is the third version of the carbon clad roller ski and the precision, durability, and engineering are second to none. Fischer has even beveled the bottom of the frame under the mid-foot to avoid the inevitable scraping of the frame on pavement in full power skating.

All components used for the suspension of the wheels are made with minimized tolerances. The provided precision is the basis for smooth running wheels with high durability. The bearings are double-sealed and maintenance free.

Second, this ski feels like it's on snow - a rare trait with roller skis. On smooth pavement it is one of the best at sprint and high speed skating.  The roller ski tracks straight and gives back the energy you put into the push off rather than absorbing your effort in unnecessary flex. As a heavier roller skier, I can do sprint and speed work with out worrying about bottoming out the frame.  The frame also dampens road vibration well on moderately rough pavement, but it is not an all terrain ski.

The wheels are aluminum spoked and clad in rubber like most of the current roller skis on the market.  The wear has been good for me and the speed 2 wheels are consistent with the plastic spoked wheels on my other roller skis.

The novel thing about these roller skis outside of their durability and snow feel is that Fischer has developed a Turnamic roller ski binding that works flawlessly, and they have designed a boot mounted brake for those who do not like the risk of going downhill too fast.  It should be noted, though, the Fischer Carbonlite Skate Roller Skis also snowplow well for controlled speed. The length, 620 mm, works well for knocking down those agility courses and for stability on those high speed descents.

This is an excellent all around skate roller ski for use on paved trail, and smooth to moderately rough pavement.  The 2019 Fischer Carbonlite Skate Roller Ski is among the best for building your endurance and perfecting your technique.

Talk to a rollerski expert at New Moon today: 800-754-8685.

Michael J. Mandli, Ph.D. is a Sports Psychologist and Licensed CXC/USSA Level 200 Coach. He loves to xc ski, run, and ride


Fischer Nordic Rollerskiing

With a complete line of products ranging from rollerskis and the appropriate boots and poles to matching accessories, cross country enthusiasts have ideal training equipment in summer as well for optimum preparation for the winter season.


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