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Fischer RCS Pole

Fischer RCS Pole
This item is currently not available.


Improved, secure grip using Mucos® cork and an ergonomically correct F-Speed Strap to eliminate slip and greatly improve the RCS pole's control and power transfer.

Multi Tip System allows fast and easy basket switching based on snow conditions.

The Carbon shaft is ultra light and designed for efficient power transfer and fluid motion. Multi-tip basket can be exchanged quickly.

- Material Shaft: Air Carbon HM 4.8
- Diameter: 16/9 mm
- Grip: F-Speed Grip
- Strap: F-Speed Strap
- Basket: Multi Tip Aero S Basket
- Tip: sintered material
- Weight: 145 g / pole length: 145 cm

Race Code
F-Speed Grip
Multi-Tip System