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Fischer Twin Skin Carbon Waxless Classic Package

 Fischer Twin Skin Carbon Waxless Classic Package
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Our ski packages have the benefits of discounted pricing, well-matched components, and flexibility if a skier has special needs or preferences. Just note any special requests or concerns in the fields above. All packages arrive with bindings mounted and ready for the trail. Happy skiing!

Profile 3-5 – Intermediate through expert.

Ski it to believe it! Twin skins are the real deal. Twin Skins have spiked a resurgence in classic skiing. These skis utilize strips of synthetic fabric embedded in the kick zone for excellent performance across the spectrum from dry to wet snow, icy/glazed or man-made snow. They are much faster in both wet, sticky snow and cold, abrasive snow than skis with “fish scales,” and because you are not using klisters or sticky kick waxes, your skis don’t pick up leaves and pine needles.

Skis: Twin Skin Carbon Skis are race constructed and fully glide-wax prepped. Javelin sidecut for speed (41-44-44). This exciting, model is lighter and faster than the immensely popular Twin Skin Race thanks to carbon fiber laminates and a less agressive skin pattern optmized for glide. Skiers who favor glide first over kick will love this ski. If you favor easy kick first, consider the Twin Skin Race as an alternative.

Boots: Rossignol's comfy, X-10 Classic connects the athlete to the snow. Easy entry and adjustability is just a great bonus.

Bindings: All-new, Turnamic Classic Race Bindings provide a stable and easy-to-use platform vital to good classic skiing. Turnamic offers tool-less fore and aft binding adjustment for fine-tuning ski both grip, glide, and stability characteristics. Turnamic bindings are compatible with Prolink and all older NNN boots, as well!

Poles: Swix Quantum 3 Poles deliver power to the snow efficiently and are rugged for mass race starts and rough travel. Equipped with TCS Ergononic straps and TBS baskets for tool-less basket swaps for different conditions.

**Don’t worry about equipment sizing – just fill in the "Best Fit Form" under "Required with Purchase" as accurately as possible, and we’ll take care of the rest. You will be contacted if there are any questions.

Please fill out our "Best Fit" form so that we can select the best ski for you.

By using the following profiles, we can work together to select skis or a ski package that will meet all of your needs. Select the profile that best describes you and then choose equipment rated for that profile. Or give us a call, (800) 754-8685 – let us know which profile you are, and we'll help you pick out your equipment.

Profile 1. Beginner

You've skied very little or not at all.

Profile 2. Novice

You've begun to grasp technique and balance, but you're not yet sure-footed at medium speed. You can turn with control at slow speeds.

Profile 3. Intermediate

Your technique, balance and turning are pretty good at medium speeds. You still fall occasionally, mainly at high speeds.

Profile 4. Advanced

You seldom fall and have good technique, balance and turning skills.

Profile 5. Expert

Excellent balance and turning skills at all speeds.