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New Moon Fischer Twin Skin Superlite Waxless Classic Package

New Moon Fischer Twin Skin Superlite Waxless Classic Package
$580.00 - $642.00
$725.00 - $787.00
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Our ski packages have the benefits of discounted pricing, well-matched components, and flexibility if a skier has special needs or preferences. Just note any special requests or concerns in the fields above. All packages arrive with bindings mounted and ready for the trail. Happy skiing!

Profile 2-5 – Novice through expert.
Twin skins are the real deal. Twin Skins have spiked a resurgence in classic skiing. These skis utilize strips of synthetic fabric embedded in the kick zone for excellent performance across the spectrum from dry to wet snow, icy/glazed or man-made snow. They are much faster in both wet, sticky snow and cold, abrasive snow than skis with “fish scales,” and because you are not using klisters or sticky kick waxes, your skis don’t pick up leaves and pine needles.

Skis: Twin Skin Superlite Skis are race constructed like their ultra-light race cousins, but are constructed for greater stability and sure-footedness - a huge plus when the grooming is not-so-good or in deeper snow. But, the big story is the skins - unlike traditional, 'fish-scale' waxless skis, the Superlite uses special hair strips for grip during the kick. The skins drag less for better glide and they grip in all conditions, even on icy and wet tracks. While these are not true race skis, we often recommend skis from the Superlite family for occasional racers or the casual Birkie skier. An excellent choice for any skier looking for good glide but a bit more stability than a race ski.

Boots: Fischer's XC Power touring boots put warmth and comfort first where it matters most - your feet! Safe walkable sole.

Bindings: Control Turnamic Touring Bindings offer easy, step-in entry and convenient pole-tip release. Turnamic Bindings feature toolless fore and aft binding adjustment for fine-tuning ski grip, glide, and stability characteristics.

Poles: Rossi Force 3 pole. The Force 3 is a lightweight racing pole with a 30% air-carbon build for a responsive feel. The natural cork grip and purpose-built racing strap offer a secure and comfortable grip. An XL racing basket delivers full support against the snow.

**Don’t worry about equipment sizing – just fill in the "Best Fit Form" under "Required with Purchase" as accurately as possible, and we’ll take care of the rest. You will be contacted if there are any questions.

Rex Skin Ski Care Kit Includes a skin cleaner and conditioner to keep your skins gliding freely and prevent icing up.

Rex Skin and Glide Kit Includes a skin cleaner and conditioner as well as the most commonly used glide wax for our condtions.