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New Moon Trail to Prince Haakon Registration

New Moon Trail to Prince Haakon Registration
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A guided ski experience for first-time Birkie event skiers, emphasizing "eventing" vs racing. Basic instruction, advice and regular outings beginning December 7th will culminate with the Feb 21st Prince Haakon open track or the Feb 23rd traditional race. This program is geared toward those new to cross-country skiing, those returning to the sport or recreational skiers who want to give "eventing" a try.

"Eventing" - A cross between touring and racing.

Fee: $150 for first-time Haakon skiers, include entry to Prince Haakon and a regular-season Birkie Trail Pass (Groomed, natural snow. Valid once the Birkie Trail officially opens). The pass does not include the Tormondsen Family Snowmaking Trail. Prince Haakon entry is non-transferable.

Details: Program will meet Thursdays, 5:30 pm at Samuel C. Johnson Family Outdoor Center. Skiing will be under the lights of the 'OO' loops until later in the program. There may be one or two Saturday sessions to be decided on by the group. The tentative start date, weather-dependent, is Dec. 7th.

Limited to 25 participants.

For further information contact:
Stephanie Martin at the Birkie office 715-634-5025.
Kristy or Joel Harrison at New Moon 715-634-8685.

In consideration of the “Trail to Prince Haakon” allowing me to attend and participate in the program, You are agreeing to the following:

  • I know that Nordic skiing is an action sport carrying a significant risk of serious personal injury. I know there are natural, man-made, weather, mechanical and environmental conditions and risks that independently or in combination, can result in participants in Nordic skiing sustaining injury (including permanent disability or paralysis), or in rare situations, sustaining injuries or illnesses that result in death.

  • I have sufficient experience with Nordic skiing, and that I have a sufficient level of fitness and health to participate.

  • I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to provide, utilize and maintain the equipment and clothing necessary for my safe participation.

  • I accept and shall abide by any other rules or regulations imposed by the ABSF.  This includes my agreement to abide by COVID-19 distancing and other safety guidelines issued by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the state, the community, or ABSF for the trial and OO center.

  • I currently have, and shall maintain throughout the time that I train, valid and sufficient insurance (be it medical, accident, disability, or life insurance) to protect my interests and my family’s interests, or if I do not, that I hereby waive the opportunity to obtain such coverage. I acknowledge the Trail to Prince Haakon is not an insurance company and that no one has represented to me that the Trail to Prince Haakon has obtained insurance that would provide coverage to me if I sustain an injury while participating.

  • I alone am responsible for my personal belongings, including breakage or loss of equipment and gear. I hereby WAIVE, in advance, ALL CLAIMS for loss, theft or damage to any property owned or controlled by me, that I may in the future have against the Released Parties, relating in any way to Trail to Prince Haakon.

  • My Choices. I enter into the Trail to Prince Haakon by my own free will and acknowledge that I have choices relating to participating or not participating.