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New Moon Universal Cold Grind

New Moon Universal Cold Grind
$70.00 - $100.00
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Our stone grind services begin in November.
In the Spring, skis will be scheduled to be ground on a batch by batch basis. Call New Moon for grind dates. 800-754-8685.
Grinding is an important piece to ski performance and longevity. It will help keep your race skis performing at an elite level for extended periods. Conversely, refraining from grinding can be one of the most significant factors in having slow skis.

Grinds and skis can become worn out in many different ways. One is extreme skiing; ice and snow will cause abrasion to the skis, continually flattening and smoothing out the grind on a pair of skis. The more time on skis, the more frequent a grind will be needed.

How frequently you wax is another factor in whether or not you will need a grind. The more you wax and work with the base, the more layers of that grind you will knock down. All of these factors will add up over time, and the longer you let it go in between stone grinds, the harder it is to flatten a ski and put a fresh grind on.

When in doubt, consult with one of our ski techs about whether or not a grind is needed. Often, skis are long overdue when they arrive at the shop. If they become white in the base frequently, seem concave, convex, or just downright slow, this would be a great time to freshen up the grind. Grinding will never hurt the skis and will usually fix many problems.

Universal Cold Grind

Approximate temp range: 0F to 30F, fresh to moderately transformed snows.

The New Moon Universal Cold is a versatile grind that will bring new and old skis back to factory condition with fast, flat bases. We recommend this grind if you ski one pair of skis in many different conditions.

This versatile grind works especially well for highly variable Midwestern and New England snow conditions, including new snow, moderately transformed snow, machine-tilled and man-made snow — always a safe choice for the high school or citizen racer.

A super grind for racers relying on one pair of skis. Single pair owners skiing in regions with faster snow transformation due to freeze-thaw cycles, heavy traffic, or heavy tilling should consider the Universal Warm grind


New Moon Stone Grinding