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New Moon Wax Gift Pack: Kick Waxing Essentials Kit

New Moon Wax Gift Pack: Kick Waxing Essentials Kit
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There is nothing like perfect kick on your favorite pair of waxable classic skis. Simplicity is important for skiers learning to kick wax. This wax kit equips classic skiers with tried and true basics for a wide range of snow conditions. No unusual or mysterious waxes here! Apply several thin layers underfoot from your heel 12" to 18" forward of your toes. This area is called the 'kick zone'. Experiment; see what works for you!

For cold conditions below 10 degrees F, Swix V20 Green gives reliable kick and makes a durable base for other kick waxes.

Swix V40 Blue Extra is perhaps the most popular kick wax ever made, working well from 10 degrees F up to about 30 degrees F. Virtually all seasoned classic skiers use Blue Extra. A true classic!

For the warmer days with moist snow, Swix V55 Special Red kicks when the Blue Extra gets too slippery. If V55 is too slippery on a given day, it's time for waxless skis or klister!

To use these waxes, one needs a good cork. The Swix Synthetic Cork efficiently smooths each layer onto the kick zone.

Also included is a Swix Handy Scraper , Toko Gel Clean , and a roll of Swix Fiberlene to aide in clean-up before the next ski outing.