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New Moon Wax Service for SISU Ski Fest

New Moon Wax Service for SISU Ski Fest
This item is currently not available.


Power to the podium with the fastest possible skis with New Moon's Waxing Service. Our wax techs carefully study the snow conditions and test waxes to provide you with World-Cup grade performance. All skis are cleaned and prepared with base preparation and low fluoro waxes before final prep with high fluoro and pure fluoro final top coats. A combination of traditional fluoro powders and blocks will be used in addition to new-generation fluoro liquid, gels, and slurries. Only after the best possible combination is found do we proceed with your final race-day application.

*Note to Classic Skiers: To avoid additional charges please make sure all kick wax is removed prior to drop off.

Skis need to be dropped off at New Moon by 3pm Friday before the race. Skis can be picked up after 6pm that day or starting at 8am on the day of the race. All drop off and pick up is at New Moon Ski Shop.

Skin Ski Treatment $15: For Classic Skin skis. Includes skin pattern cleaning and high-performance glide anti-icing and glide treatment applied to the skin pattern. Important for all snow conditions, but vital for dirty or wet snow conditions.

Binder Wax $35: For Waxable Classic skis only. Includes all necessary kick zone prep and binder layers. Final race-day kick wax will not be applied. Final kick wax application is the skier'sresponsibility. Common binder choices for our Birkie Wax Service include Toko Base Green and Swix VG35 or klister binder if appropriate. Very important - Please read notes below... For classic binder wax customers, please mark your kick zone. Skiers will need apply their final kick wax and carry a back-up kick wax or two and a cork during the race to accommodate changing conditions or if more kick is needed. We'll provide detailed recommendations for back-up waxes and wax experts will be on-hand at New Moon Thursday and Friday race week to assist with technical questions. In addition, kick wax supplies can be found at some food stations.