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OAC Finland Skinbased XCD GT 160

OAC Finland Skinbased XCD GT 160
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Designed for downhill Skinbased enthusiasts, the XCD GT 160 is a lively, fun, and lightweight touring ski. Inspired by the excitement of the descent, this streamlined skin ski is right at home amongst rolling hills and variable terrain.

Metal edges, updated flat tail design, and minimalist skin area make the GT 160 efficient on both the ups and the downs. For days on untracked winter trails or skiing laps after work at your local spot, look no further.

Purpose: A downhill-oriented Skinbased ski. Excels on hardpacked snow conditions and more open terrain. Made for traveling in the hills.


OAC Braid box construction
Compression-resistant elastic foam core
Patented OAC Unicoat skibase*
ABS reinforcements in base tip and tail
Integrated high quality Mohair-mix skin
ALU/GF reinforcement at binding area
Steel edges
Weight 1200 g w/o binding
Length 160 cm
Width 116-86-100 mm

Made in Finland by OAC Tech