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Rex Black Diamond Hot Wax Chain Lube

Rex Black Diamond Hot Wax Chain Lube
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Hot waxing is an increasingly popular method for lubricating bicycle chains. The solid wax does not collect dirt, keeping the entire transmission of the bike clean and repelling dirt more effectively than traditional chain lubes. BLACK DIAMOND HOT WAX combines Black Diamond’s proven effective additive technology with over 70 years of wax experience from Rex. By switching to hot waxing, bike cleaning becomes much easier, and drivetrain component wear is dramatically decreased in long-term use. Hot-waxed chains don’t stain and do not require powerful solvents for cleaning. Instead, they can be easily cleaned with hot water only.

We transformed the already thoroughly tested and effective
Black Diamond additive technology onto a solid Rex wax
base. To ensure high manufacturing quality, we put all the
Black Diamond additives into one black piece, which is hand-cast in our product development laboratory in Hartola.
The black additive piece can be thought of as a bottle of
Black Diamond chain lube in solid form! The eleven white
Rex paraffin blocks, carefully selected for their wax mixture,
are combined with the additive block to guarantee the best
lubrication performance on the market. By melting all the
pieces (11+1 blend) together, you get a wax mixture that
works perfectly in all conditions.

For an extremely durable mixture for even the longest
rides and races, melt the black additive piece with four pieces
of base wax (4+1 blend). The remaining seven blocks of wax
can be used as a cleaning pre-treatment wax to keep the
4+1 blend clean and maintain its high performance for longer.
With the two-stage wax treatment option in one package,
you get everything you need for optimal chain lubrication.


Rex Black Diamond Hot Wax