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Rex HF Glider Sprays 150ml

Rex HF Glider Sprays 150ml
  • Temperature: HF 11 (28/36F)
  • Temperature: HF 21 (17/28F)
  • Temperature: HF 21 Graphite (10/28F)
  • Temperature: HF 41 Pink/Green (-4/41F)
HF 11 (28/36F)
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HF 21 (17/28F) For all snow types. Developed for mild to medium frosts, the HF21 is our all time fastest HF glider! Developed especially as an underlayer for fluoro powders, but works extremely well also as a final layer.

HF 21 Graphite (10/28F) Engineered especially for new snow and contains a precisely defined amount of graphite. Hardness is positioned between HF11 Yellow and HF21 Blue.

HF 11 (28/36F) For new and old snow. The softest wax on HF -series. Compared to traditional warm condition HF gliders the HF11 is relatively hard and not so oily wax. Extremely dirt repellent.

HF 41 (-4/41F) is an extremely hard and wear-resistant glide wax that offers top -level performance both on cold and weary snow, and also on coarse wet snow and icy crust. Rex 2-Step Carrier™ solvent technology enables the applying of UHW™ ultra-hard glide wax, without the limitations set by hot waxing and scaping.

The special UHW™ ultra-hard polymer wax blend of HF41 is so hard that it is only possible to apply in liquid form.

For long distances and weary conditions, also great for alpine skis and snowboards, where wear resistancy is crucial.


Rex HF Spray High Fluor Gliders

Introducing Rex HF Sprays - Reg HF glider in liquid form. The wax is 100% the same as in our HF Glider blocks, only the application method is different. World Cup level glide waxing done fast and easy!