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Rex Non-Fluoro 86g Ultra Glide

Rex Non-Fluoro 86g Ultra Glide
  • Temperature: Ultra Glide Green: -18F to 20F
  • Temperature: Ultra Glide Blue: 14F to 30F
  • Temperature: Ultra Glide Purple: 23F to 32F
  • Temperature: Ultra Glide Red: 32F to 50F
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Green 86g Ultra Glide (-18F to 20F)
A reliable wax for colder temperatures and conditions where harder wax is needed, e.g. icy tracks or dirty snow. A long-time favorite of die-hard Nordic skiers everywhere.

Blue 86g Ultra Glide (14F to 30F)
New Moon all-time best seller. Legendary Rex Blue is one of the best non-fluorinated gliders for decades running. An ideal choice for base waxing and training.

Violet 86g Ultra Glide (23F to 32F)
Popular glide wax for the 20s to mid-30s, especially on humid snow. Excellent durability.

Red 86g Ultra Glide (32F to 50F)
Softest of the Rex gliders, and therefore suitable for soft tracks and wet new snow.