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Rex Powergrip Wax

Rex Powergrip Wax
  • Temperature: Powergrip Green: 0F to 18F
  • Temperature: Powergrip Blue: 14F to 24F
  • Temperature: Powergrip Violet: 23F to 35F
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When it's just a bit too slick for hard wax to give the grip you're looking for, but just enough powdery snow to make klister ice up? Power grip is a great bet! Combines best features of synthetic grip waxes and klisters. Suitable both for racing use and recreational skiers. PowerGrip waxes can be used underneath regular grip waxes to provide an elastic and grippy base. Super-durable, wide-range waxes for all snow conditions. Eliminates the need for binder. Apply only a very thin layer, using an iron. Works best in transformed snow conditions. 45g tins.

Powergrip Green (0F to 18F)
The king of PowerGrip waxes! An unbeatable grip wax for cold conditons. Same properties as on PowerGrip Blue, but for colder temperatures. Excellent base wax for racing.

Powergrip Blue (14F to 24F)
One of the best grip waxes on the market. Extremely durable for all icy, glazed and old snow conditions. For new snow, apply a thinner layer. Works also relatively well on moist snow.

Powergrip Violet (23F to 35F)
For icy, glazed, coarse, and extremely hard tracks. In temperatures around 0°C it can be used instead of klisters. For new and falling snow apply a thin layer.