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Rex RG Block Glider 40g

Rex RG Block Glider 40g
  • Temperature: Green (-4F to 18F)
  • Temperature: Blue (15F to 28F)
  • Temperature: Yellow (28F to 36F)
  • Temperature: Graphite - New Snow (10F-36F)
$43.88 - $68.25
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RG22 Blue -2…-8°C
For all snow types.
Developed for mild to medium frosts, the RG22 is our all time fastest fluor free wax! As a block it is hard, but still easy to melt. Developed especially as an underlayer for top coatings, but works extremely well also as a final layer.
Scrape while still warm, let cool down and brush. Melting point: ~135°C

RG32 Green -8…-20°C
For all snow types.
A hard and very durable glider for cold conditions. Due to its hardness it is very durable and abrasion resistant. A fluor-free version of HF31 block, that has been upgraded with N-Kinetic level 2 additives.
Scrape when still warm, let cool down and brush. Melting point: ~140°C

RG12 Yellow. +2…-2°C
For all snow types.
The softest wax on RG-series. Compared to traditional warm condition gliders the RG12 is relatively hard and not so oily wax.
Melting point: ~130°C

RG22 Graphite - New Snow
Engineered especially for new snow and contains a precisely defined amount of graphite. Hardness is positioned between RG12 Yellow and RG22 Blue.

Melting point: ~130°C.