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Rode TLine Kick Wax

Rode TLine Kick Wax
  • Temperature: TLine BV15 (23º- 30ºF)
  • Temperature: TLine B17 (5º-23ºF)
  • Temperature: TLine B310 (5º-23ºF)
  • Temperature: TLine VO (28ºF- 32ºF)
  • Temperature: TLine VPS (30º- 32ºF)
  • Temperature: TLine VXPS (-32ºF )
$23.95 - $38.95
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Made for World Cup Racing, now available to all.

TLine B15 : Best in older or manmade snow, but handles damp new snow that is rapidly changing or glazing. Can also be used as a speed cover wax. 23º-30ºF

TLine B17 : New or slightly transformed snow. 5º-23ºF

TLine B310: All types of new or slightly transformed snow, falling snow. 5º-23ºF

TLine VO: New or slightly transformed snow. 28ºF- 32ºF

TLine VPS: New or recently transformed snow, falling snow. 30º- 32ºF

TLine VXPS: New or slightly transformed snow. 32ºF