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Rossignol Premium Skin Classic Ski

Rossignol Premium Skin Classic Ski
Length in cm:
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Does not include bindings. Be sure to order bindings if needed. Profile 3-5

Rossignol Premium Skin Classic Ski wraps all the newest skin-ski technology into one package. Specially designed with technology derived from their World Cup line, these skis are built for racing and speed. Three different skins with different combinations of mohair and nylon are included to fine tune your grip and glide to the conditions. New skins are available to replace worn out. These are as close as anything out there to a true maintenance-free ski! Does not include bindings. Be sure to order bindings if needed.

Sidecut: 40-44-44-44
Weight: 990g/197cm
Length in cm: 190, 197, 202, 207

**Don’t worry about equipment sizing – If you're not sure which size to order, just fill in the fields above - we'll take care of the rest. You will be contacted if there are any questions.

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By using the following profiles, we can work together to select skis or a ski package that will meet all of your needs. Select the profile that best describes you and then choose equipment rated for that profile. Or give us a call, (800) 754-8685 – let us know which profile you are, and we'll help you pick out your equipment.

Profile 1. Beginner

You've skied very little or not at all.

Profile 2. Novice

You've begun to grasp technique and balance, but you're not yet sure-footed at medium speed. You can turn with control at slow speeds.

Profile 3. Intermediate

Your technique, balance and turning are pretty good at medium speeds. You still fall occasionally, mainly at high speeds.

Profile 4. Advanced

You seldom fall and have good technique, balance and turning skills.

Profile 5. Expert

Excellent balance and turning skills at all speeds.