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Sidas 3Feet Merino Mid Insoles

Sidas 3Feet Merino Mid Insoles
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Designed to be Warm, provide Insulation, Comfort and Support, the SIDAS 3 Feet Merino insoles offers optimal thermoregulation and reduces undesirable odor. Highly resistant and durable, the 3 anatomical shapes are specifically tuned for Low, Medium and High arches. 3 Feet® = Three shapes fit all.

- Say goodbye to smelly ski boots, shoes or winter boots, thanks to the amazing odor-resistant properties of merino wool
- The added synthetics fibers (40%) into the merino (60%) topcover improve durability
- A thin sheet of aluminum throughout the insole delivers better insulation from the elements, reduces discomfort and loss of performance from having cold feet
- Proprietary 3Feet® technology allows SIDAS to tune the EVA shell to your foot type, providing better pressure distribution and added foot support, for an optimal fit
- Under the midfoot, strategic, arch-specific cutouts allow your feet to remain active during your whole workout
- Designed for high arches, EVA shell is higher with fewer cutouts to reduce foot fatigue and possible supination while providing arch support and good pressure distribution
- The engineered EVA foam layer in the forefoot delivers all-day comfort with superior cushioning for your toes
- Heel cups help stabilize your feet and ankles, increasing precision and control for all winter activities