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Sidas Therm-ic Insoles Set Heat Flat + C Pack 1300

Sidas Therm-ic Insoles Set Heat Flat + C Pack 1300
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Small, strong and smart, the Set Heat Flat + C-Pack 1300B heated insoles represent the next level in ski boot warmth technology, This version comes with Bluetooth controls so you can control the warmers from your phone, handy on a chairlift, gondola or on the move without adjusting ski pants.

Designed to combat sub-zero temperatures and ensure that the winter sports experience is an enjoyable one, this Therm-ic foot warming system is easy to use and suitable for any ski boot, as well as being extremely small, lightweight and powerful.

Ultralight lithium-ion batteries have an extremely short charging time and provide warmth for up to 13 hours.

Enjoy winter exercise to the full with the Therm-ic Insoles Set.

This Therm-ic Insoles Set includes a pair of heated insoles Heat Flat and 1 pair of C-pack 1300 batteries.

Fitted with ultra-fine heating elements, the insoles diffuse constant heat for immediate well-being and an optimal foot emperature
The C-pack batteries provide up to 13 hrs of heat
3 Different heat settings
3 Bluetooth Control

One Size.