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Sidas Therm-ic Power Gloves Ski Light

Sidas Therm-ic Power Gloves Ski Light
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Thin and versatile self-heating ski gloves. The thinnest self-heating gloves for 360° finger warmth in range! 3 degrees of warmth, with up to 10 hours of heat so you never feel cold in winter.


The thinnest self-heating gloves in the Therm-ic range!
These gloves have 360° heating so your fingers feel warm all the way round
They will keep your hands warm during days spent skiing or snowboarding
But as they are so thin, they are really versatile and can be used for other activities in the cold
The 10K membrane will keep your hands dry
Technical characteristics:

Self-heating gloves: technology with 360° heating all around your fingers and the top of your hand, distributes warmth evenly inside the glove. The small batteries don't take up much space and are concealed in a special pocket. Enjoy up to 10 hours of heating (level 1)
Versatile gloves: the thinness and fit of the gloves makes them very versatile for all kinds of activities
Waterproofness: 10K/10K membrane for good breathability and protection against the rain
Drawstring and safety cord: you can easily adjust the fit of your gloves to your wrists, and you will no longer lose your gloves thanks to the safety cord
Mask and nose wiper
USB cable: recharge the batteries with the USB cable. You can connect them to any USB charger unit (unit not supplied)
Battery maintenance:

In order to maximize the battery life, we recommend that you store them in a cool place (5°C to 20°C), after charging them halfway.
When you store them, the batteries must not be connected to the glove or to the USB charger.
Glove cleaning:

You must not machine wash these gloves
The drying temperature should not exceed 40°C
Never dry Ultra Heat Gloves in a tumble dryer or on the radiator
For optimal drying, use the Therm-ic Refresher, the Therm-ic dryer or the Therm-ic UV Warmer