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Sidas Thermic Fusion Outdoor +S Heating Socks -1400B

Sidas Thermic Fusion Outdoor +S Heating Socks -1400B
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Warm socks in merino wool with up to 16 hours of warmth, including battery and charging cable

Therm-ic Set Fusion Outdoor heating socks are a pair of technical and thick merino wool socks, to keep your feet warm in the cold. The Heat Fusion technique gives you uniform warmth under the forefoot and around the toes. The S-PACK 1400B batteries provide up to 16 hours of heat and thanks to the Bluetooth function, you can control the heat via your smartphone through the Therm-ic app. The battery is attached quickly and easily with snaps at the top on the outside of the stocking.

Merino wool is naturally soft, durable, elastic and has good sweat and odor control
Polyamide is soft and insulates the feet to keep warm, and at the same time transports away moisture
Toe and heel reinforcement
Set with socks, battery and charging cable

Specifications :

Material: 54% merino wool, 33% polyamide, 11% acrylic, 2% lycra

Washing instructions: Washable up to 30 degrees and easy spin, no fabric softener, no bleach, batteries must be removed from socks before washing

Battery Care: Store the batteries in a cool place, the batteries must have at least half their power left when you store them, wipe with a slightly damp cloth to clean the batteries

Wall socket for USB charging cable purchased separately (not included)


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