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Skratch Labs Clear Hydration Drink Mix - Singles

Skratch Labs Clear Hydration Drink Mix - Singles
  • Flavor: Hint of Lemon
  • Flavor: Hint of Orange
  • Flavor | Size: Hint of Lemon | Single Serving
Single Serving
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The primary distinction between Clear Hydration Drink Mix and our other drink mixes is that it tastes like water, with just a hint of lemon or orange. It’s thirst-quenching and palette cleansing, like refreshing spa water, but with the electrolytes and carbohydrates that plain water can’t provide.

Because Clear Hydration Drink Mix tastes like water across a wide range of concentrations, this drink has a greater level of flexibility than our Sport Hydration Drink Mix, allowing our customers to mix it 1) at lower concentrations for a carbohydrate and electrolyte beverage when not exercising, 2) at medium concentration for those who lose a moderate amount of sodium and energy during exercise, and 3) at higher concentration for those who want more energy and who lose more sodium in their sweat.


Skratch Clear Hydration