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START Low Fluoro Glide Wax 60gm

START Low Fluoro Glide Wax 60gm
  • Temperature: LF10 GREEN -22F to 18F
  • Temperature: LF8 BLUE 10F to 19F
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Start low fluorinated gliders are suitable for all snow conditions, when humidity < 55%, or as a base glider for high fluorinated gliders.

LF10 GREEN (-22F to 18F) The ever-popular Start Green with fluoro additives to help resist dirt and improve glide in ultra cold but higher humidity conditions. .Caution! Start LF Green is incredibly hard - apply carefully so you don't overcook your base. Keep the iron very hot so that you can move quickly over the ski without dwelling iron the ski to melt each spot. Requires a sharp, fresh scraper to scrape effectively.

LF8 BLUE (10F to 19F)