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Swix Krystal Fluorinated Kick Wax

Swix Krystal Fluorinated Kick Wax
  • Temperature: VR30 LIGHT BLUE: -22F to 19F
  • Temperature: VR40 BLUE: 10F to 28F
  • Temperature: VR45 LIGHT VIOLET: 18F to 32F
  • Temperature: VR50 VIOLET: 25F to 34F
  • Temperature: VR55N VIOLET: 27F to 36F
  • Temperature: VR60 SILVER: 28F to 36F
  • Temperature: VR62 FLUORO KLISTER: 28F to 37F
  • Temperature: VR65 RED/YEL/SIL: 30F to 38F
  • Temperature: VR70 RED: 34F to 39F
  • Temperature: VR75 YELLOW: 36F to 39F
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Swix's Krystal line is a fluorinated racing kick wax, perfect for training and competition. Excellent kick and glide properties.

KRYSTAL VR30 LIGHT BLUE -22F to 19F High performance kicker for cold snows below 20F. Very popular with classic racers. Easily covers with VR40 if tracks are a bit slippery. Applies best at room temp for easy of corking.

KRYSTAL VR40 BLUE 10F TO 28F Racing counterpart to the popular V40 Blue Extra. Fluoro additives aide with glide speed and dirt resistance. Makes an excellent cover wax for both colder and warmer waxes if needed.

KRYSTAL VR45 LIGHT VIOLET 18F TO 32F Narrow-range, moist snow wax for the upper 20s and low 30s. Cover with VR40 if icing is a problem.

KRYSTAL VR50 VIOLET 25F TO 34F Hardwax for damp snow near freezing. Cover with a colder wax or Rex Hydrex if icing is an issue.

KRYSTAL VR55N VIOLET 27F TO 36F Newer addition to the VR line with silver additive for dirt resistance.

KRYSTAL VR60 SILVER 28F to 36F Wet/fresh snow hardwax for wet snow above freezing.

KRYSTAL VR62 FLUORO KLISTER 28F to 37F Swix VR62 Fluoro Klister 45gm (28/37F) is a World Cup wax for new, slightly moist snow and for older, transformed snow near freezing.

KRYSTAL VR65 RED/YEL/SIL 30F to 38F Swix Krystal VR 65 Great for coarse new snow that is being wetted from below.

KRYSTAL VR70 RED 34F to 39F Silver additive for dirt and grunge resistance.

KRYSTAL VR75 YELLOW 36F to 39F For wet new snow.