Swix X Cera F Pure Fluorocardbon Powder 30g

Code: 72-70-FC
Swix X Cera F Pure Fluorocardbon Powder 30g
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Swix X Cera F Pure Fluorocardbon Powder 30g

Code: 72-70-FC
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Cera F Powders are 100% fluorocarbon. These waxes have a unique combination of characteristics for providing:
-Very high degree of purity
-Very low surface tension
-Friction reducing lubricating power
-Exceptional water repellency
-High resistance to dirt and oils
-Chemical inertness and stability
-Thermal stability

Cera F Waxes do not contain CFCs and are not harmful to the environment.

*Ski bases melt at 150C so apply this wax with a good iron and move quickly. Don't linger on the base!

FC4X: Temperature range: 14F to -4F. Recommended iron temp: 165C (329F)
A cold powder that works great in all snow conditions working to minimize dry friction. This powder is new to the Cera Nova X line . It's been well tested over the last few years and has proven itself in cold conditions at world cup destinations. The wax of choice in low temperatures. Suggested base waxes are HF04X, HF04BWX or LF04X .

FC5X: Temperature range: 27F to 5F. Recommended iron temp: 160C (320F).
An absolute winner in cold conditions! Tests have shown best results in transformed and old snow, but it can also be used with great result in new snow. Easy to apply with a lower melting point. Suggested base waxes are HF05X, HF05BWX or LF05X .

FC6X: Temperature range: 30F to 14F. Recommended iron temp: 165C (329F).
A powder for new and fine-grained snow, but is also performing well in transformed snow. It's lower melting point makes it easier to apply. Suggested base waxes are HF06X, HF06BWX or LF06X .

FC7X: Temperature range: 36F to 21F). Recommended iron temp: 160C (320F).
A powder developed for normal winter conditions from around freezing and colder. On the cold side this powder performs well until you have a "suction" feeling in the track, then the FC08X is a better choice. Suggested base waxes are HF07X, HF07BWX or LF07X .

FC8X: Temperature range: 39F to 25F. Recommended iron temp: 165C (329F).
Swix's classic and best selling powder! This versatile powder performs well in all snow conditions on both sides of the freezing point. A safe choice that never disappoints you! Suggested base waxes are HF08X, HF08BWX or LF08X .

FC10X: Temperature range: 32F to 59F. Recommended iron temp: 170C (338F).
The strength of the powder is in wet conditions from 32F and warmer. Used a lot during spring season with melting snow or falling wet snow. Suggested base waxes are HF10X, HF10BWX or LF10X .