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Swix X Low Fluorocarbon 180g

Swix X Low Fluorocarbon 180g
LF4X: -25F to 10F
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The XLF series of waxes can be used as training waxes, as racing waxes with Cera F as a final layer or alone as a race wax at very low temperatures. (Also available in 180gm bars)

LF4X: Temperature range: -25F-10F, Recommended iron temp: 155C (311F).Ski bases melt at 150C so apply this wax with a good iron and move quickly. Don't linger on the base!
A cold wax for dry friction conditions. It performs very well on artificial snow and has a great durability. LF4X can be used alone as a race wax when the air humidity is low. In the warmer part of the temperature range, and when air humidity is high, a top coat of Cera F FC04X will increase the performance.

LF5X: Temperature range: 7F to 18F, Recommended iron temp: 150C (311F).
LF5X is easier to apply than LF4X. It provides outstanding glide properties within its temperature range, and has a great durability. LF0X can be used as a race wax alone, but is often used as a base for Cera F FC05X .

LF6X: Temperature range: 14F to 23F, Recommended iron temp: 145C (293F).
This wax is very versatile. Its area of use stretches from a base for Cera F to racing wax and base prep wax for cold skis. LF6X has a good durability and offers great performance on artificial snow. When used as a base for Cera F, we recommend the new Cera F FC06X powder .

LF7X: Temperature range: 18F to 28F, Recommended iron temp: 140C (284F).
Performs great in normal winter conditions below the freezing point. Its hardness makes it convenient to work with and easy to get a good end-result. Can be used as a racing wax at low air humidity, but will also serve the purpose as a brilliant training wax. When used as a base for Cera F, we recommend the new Cera F FC07X powder .

LF8X: Temperature range from 25F to 39F, Recommended iron temp: 130C (266F).
A great wax for both base prep and training. It can also be used as a race wax, preferably with Cera F FC08X on top. Easy to melt and very convenient to work with.

LF10X: Temperature range: 32F to 50F, Recommended iron temp: 120C (248F).
A bit harder than the old LF10, LF10X is more durable. It's a good wax for base prep wax as well as a great training wax. For racing we recommend to go with high fluoro wax in this temperature area, but with the Cera F FC10X powder on top LF10X can be used with a good result.