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Toko Skin Treatment Kit

Toko Skin Treatment Kit
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Everything you need to maintain your skins in great gliding condition and prevent icing on those tricky wet snow days.
Kit includes:

Eco Skin Proof -Keeps your racing, touring or BC skis so they do not freeze, saturate with water, or collect dirt. ECO friendly formula.

Skin Ski Cleaner -Gently cleans skin ski hair patterns allowing better kick, especially on glazed trails. Formulated with special, skin-safe solvents that will not dissolve or soften the adhesives use for skin patterns. Use whenever skin pattern appears matted or discolored from debris. Simply spray on skin until damp, and wipe with cloth or base-tex from tip to tail. Allow to dry. Then, re-apply ski wax treatment before skiing.

Base Tex -Special fleece for base cleaning and different types of polishing.


Skin Treatment Kit

Describes in detail the contents of the Skin Treatment Kit