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Vauhti GS Kick Wax

Vauhti GS Kick Wax
  • Temperature: GS Green: -22/14 F (-10 / -30 C)
  • Temperature: GS Blue: 5/23 F (-5 / -15 C)
  • Temperature: GS Carrot: 21/30 F (-1 / -6 C)
  • Temperature: GS Red: 28/34 F (+1 / -2 C)
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The GS wax series from Vauhti is a synthetic compound that is fluoro free.

GS Green: Cold conditions make for the best classic skiing, and GS Green is the kick wax for the job when temps are down. Can also be used to cover our softer kick waxes for maximum grip. Temperature Range: 14/ -22 F (-10 / -30 C)

GS Blue: An all-purpose grip wax for colder winter conditions. GS Blue is a great compliment to our GS Carrot. Temperature Range: 23/ 5 F (-5 / -15 C)

GS Carrot: Has the ability to work in old and coarse snow over a large temperature range. It also has exceptional durability attributes. A great complimentary wax to our GS Blue kick wax. Not to be used in new snow conditions. Temperature Range: 30/ 21 F (-1 / -6 C)

GS Red: Is the obvious choice for tricky conditions right around the freezing point. Containing aluminum, this formula can deal with all snow types. Temperature Range: 34/ 28 F (+1 / -2 C)