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Vauhti Pure UP Race Liquid Glide Wax 80ml

Vauhti Pure UP Race Liquid Glide Wax 80ml
  • Temperature: COLD -2/-20°C ( -4/28ºF)
  • Temperature: LDR +5°C/-10°C (14/41ºF)
  • Temperature: MID +2°C/-4°C (25/36ºF)
  • Temperature: WARM +7/-3°C (45/27°F) (100ML)
  • Temperature: WET +10°C/-1°C (30/50ºF)
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$54.00 - $70.00
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PURE UP liquid glide waxes are intended specifically for active skiers and competitive skiers for training rounds. High-quality hydrocarbon ingredients, zinc stearate and silicon wax gives excellent performance and good durability to the products in all snow types and weather conditions

POLAR: For cold, dry snow, -25/-5°C (-13/23ºF)

COLD: For cold snow conditions, -2/-20°C (-4/28º F)

LDR: For wide temperature range and for variable conditions, +5°C/-10°C (14/41ºF)

MID: For damp snow, +2°C/-4°C (25/36ºF)

WARM: For damp snow, +7/-3°C | 45/27°F (100ML)

WET: For wet and damp snow down to zero degrees, +10°C/-1°C(30/50ºF)

Instructions for quick glides:
• Shake the bottle well.
• Press the sponge against the ski base and squeeze the bottle lightly.
• Apply a thick layer by rubbing it back and forth on the gliding surfaces.
• Allow to dry for approximately 10 min.
• Brush thoroughly, using a nylon brush.

Tips to improve the durability and glide sensitivity:
Tip 1.  Rub in the dried gel with a natural cork or RotoCork.  Using a cork will significantly improve the product’s durability. Brush the ski base thoroughly with a nylon brush; if necessary, use a fine-bristled metal brush first.
Tip 2.  Add Vauhti Fluorocarbon Block on ski base waxed with Quick Glide. Cork and brush thoroughly, using a nylon brush. Glide will increase significantly.

Tip 3.  Rub a layer of Vauhti Fluorocarbon Block on the base, and apply a generous amount of quick glide on top of this layer, mixing to combine the two products. Let dry completely; the longer, the better. Brush heavily, using a nylon brush. Corking wit