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New Moon 2022 Non-Fluoro Prince Haakon Budget Glide Waxing Service
Enjoy Birkie Week - leave the waxing to New Moon! For both Skate and Classic skis. Race prep at a lower cost. Everyone should enjoy fast skis. This option is an affordable option for the more casual racer. *Note to Classic Skiers: To avoid additional charges please make sure all kick wax is removed prior to drop off. A Few Simple Steps to Follow: 1) Pre-order Haakon Budget Wax Service here on this page. 2) Print your order confirmation and secure to your skis with masking tape. 3) Mark your skis with your name and phone # on masking tape. 4) Drop your skis off at New Moon OR carefully pack, insure, and ship your skis to: New Moon Birkie Wax Service, 15569 US Hwy 63, Hayward WI 54843. Skis should be at New Moon no later than Thursday 10am. We do not receive shipments on Saturdays and Sundays so allow sufficient travel or transit time so that your skis arrive in a timely manner. Curbside drop off and pick up is available. As a US Ski & Snowboard sanctioned event, no fluoro wax will be allowed at the 2022 Birkie events. Testing by USSA Good Luck at the 2022 Prince Haakon!
New Moon Skin Ski Treatment Service
This is an add-on service for our Glide Waxing Service. Includes skin pattern cleaning and high-performance glide anti-icing and glide treatment applied to the skin pattern. Important for all snow conditions, but vital for dirty or wet snow conditions.
New Moon Kick Binder Service
This is an add-on service for our Glide Waxing Service. Includes all necessary kick zone prep and binder layers. Please mark your kick zone. If you are unsure, please indicate your weight and experience in detail in the 'comments' field at checkout. This will help us determine your kick zone. *Final kick wax application is the skier's responsibility.
Swix T790K Fixing clamps,T793,T767,T796
Clamps for fixing cross country waxing profiles to table. Clamps for fixing cross country waxing profiles (T0793-2, T0795 or T0767-3) to waxing tables.
Toko T8 Iron
800 watt economy waxing iron. 210F to 320F temperature range regulated through a solid state thermostat. Beveled and channeled base for ease of waxing.
Swix T70-H2 Holder For Waxing Iron
Practical Waxing Iron Holder for mounting on to waxing table or workbench (max. 40 mm). Reduces the risk of dropping a valuable iron on floor. Fits all SWIX Irons.
Toko Base Brush Oval Copper
For brushing out and cleaning dirty bases prior to waxing. Also suitable for brushing out after hot waxing.
Toko Fibertex Kit
Fibertex is a mat made of nylon fibers, which is mixed with fine abrasive particles to smoothen the base. SPECS The kit includes 3 different mats: Light brown: For gentle deburring on new skis or newly stone ground skis before waxing. For refreshening base without disturbing structure. Dark brown: To be used before waxing to remove oxidized layer to open base. White: For polishing after waxing and brushing.
Toko Travel Profile - 3 Piece
Simple and compact, this waxing micro-profile easily packs into a wax box or backpack for convenient waxing virtually anywhere. The center clip fits all current bindings. Clamps accommodate tables or work benches up to 2.25" / 56mm thick.
Fast Wax 500gm Fluoro Base Prep
Fast Wax Fluoro Base Prep I is specifically designed to prep skis for waxing. Engineered with the elite / competitive skier in mind, it complements the Fluoro Hot Box Wax with the same excellent results, exceptionally fast skis right from the start. Iron in before waxing or hot box at 160° F to anneal and harden the bases. Fast Wax Fluoro Base Prep is a blend of our specialty micro wax, combined with hard waxes and our unique polyethylene based fluorinated compound to add speed and durability to skis. Waxing with Fluoro Base Prep makes for fast durable skis.
Swix T754 Waxing Table
Wax table, perfect at home or at events. Waxing table that is easy to fold together. One leg is height adjustable for better stability on uneven surfaces. Fits two sets of cross country waxing profiles (T0766). Table top: 96 cm x 45 cm. Height: 83 cm. Weight: 11.5 kg/25.3 lbs.
Swix T75RUFS Rubber Feet Small
Anti-slippery! Rubber feet for waxing tables T0075W and T00754.
Toko Structurite with Red Roller
Ergonomically-shaped for comfort. Includes universal red structure roller with transverse structure. Use it AFTER waxing and be sure to brush after applying the structure. Subsequent waxing will remove most of the structure, leaving it ready for the next structure choice. Rollers press temporary structure into base rather than cutting permanent structure. We have used it alone and in combination with other rillers with good results.
Swix T75W Wide Waxing Table
Space efficient and stable! Wax table, perfect at home or at events. Waxing table that is easy to fold together. Comes with four rubber feet for anti slip. One leg adjustable for better stability on uneven surfaces. Adjustable height: 87 cm, 85 cm or 75 cm. Fits two sets of cross country waxing profiles (T0766). Table top 120 cm x 35 cm. Net. weight: 11 kg/24 lbs.
Swix T76SS Screw 6mm for Waxtables
Screw. 6 mm. Fits the waxing tables T0076/ T0075W/ T00754.
Toko Wax Gift Pack: Toko Waxing Iron & Profile Kit
$179.00 $220.00 19% Off
Making the "leap" from convenience waxes to hot waxing with an iron doesn't have to be complicated or expensive. This starter profile and iron kit complements our Hot Waxing Essentials Gift Pack for a complete wax room set-up. Included in the this gift pack: Toko's T8 Wax Iron ensures consistent temperatures vital protecting your skis. The 3-Piece Travel Profile provides a solid and stable work surface for ironing and scraping skis. Toko Nylon brush for brushing excess wax from the ski for the fastest possible skis! Individual Component Price: $220
Toko Soft Wax Box with Shoulder Strap
Keep your waxes off the floor of your car and where they belong! Toko's all-new soft sided wax case is the prefect solution for organized, efficiect travel with your waxing supplies. The padded, main compartment protects your waxing iron from drops and impacts. any size wax iron with its own iron cozy built in. Its large, upper storage compartment includdes two secure plastic bins for messy wax or klister. Two side zip pockets easily accomodates brushes, tools, and other accessories. Use with carry handle or the included shoulder strap.
START FHF Fluoro Kick Wax
$22.40 $32.00 30% Off
New Start FHF line is a functional fluorinated kick wax line. Suitable for use as kick wax alone, or as a finishing wax applied on top of kick waxing.
Toko Racing Wax Remover 500ML
Gentle cleaning liquid for all types of base. Removes wax residue especially of Top Finish products and prepares the base for waxing.
Swix T785 Travel XC Profile Set 3Parts
Swix Travel XC Profile 3 Piece Kit is a great way to get a secure waxing setup when you are traveling.
Rex Nylon Brush
A basic accessory for every skier. Always finish hot waxing by brushing with a clean nylon brush. Used also for finishing fluorinated coatings. (Keep a dedicated brush that you use only for fluorinated coatings.)
Rex Grip Wax 45g
$10.00 - $15.00
Rex's well-known and trusted basic grip wax line contains some classics, which have been in production for over 50 years! Universal Tar: -1/-25°C (-13/30°F) Excellent wax for skiers who are looking for simplicity in their waxing, as well as for racing skiers. Despite it’s "Universal" name it's a fully proven race wax, especially at mild frosts 18/30°F (-1/-8°C). Light Green: -8/-15°C (5/18°F) The most popular Rex wax for cold conditions. On new snow provides a good grip at around -6°C. Use it in race waxing as a coating for softer waxes. Blue: -2/-8°C (18/28°F) The king of grip waxes! A classic that has been in production for decades, still remaining relevant. In Finland Rex Blue has gained a legendary reputation, just ask any finnish skier! It is used widely as a universal grip wax on cold temperatures. Its grip and glide properties can be adjusted by the thickness of the wax layer. The colder the weather, the thinner the layer. Blue Special: -1/-4°C (25/34°F) Another Rex-legend. A bit softer and more gripping than Blue (115) for milder frosts. Provides a good grip even on hard and worn track. Purple: 0/-2°C (28/32°F) Despite of its purple color, this is a pure below-zero-temperature wax, which is used in race waxing as a coating for PowerGrip Green. A secure choice for recreational skiers. Red: +1/-1°C (30/34°F) Red kick wax for zero conditions. When mixed or used as a coating for klisters, gives great protection against icing on new or loose snow. Base Wax:? Very sticky and durable base wax under any grip wax. The most durable result is achieved by applying a wax with an waxing iron to roughened ski base.
New Moon Wax Gift Pack: Hot Waxing Essentials Kit
Any Nordic skier who enjoys fast skis will appreciate this gift! Here are some of the most important and popular waxing essentials in the Nordic ski world for glide waxing with hot wax plus a new liquid wax prep twist. Perfect for waxers that already have or are planning on getting a wax profile , wax iron, and a wax iron. In this gift pack: Rex Glide Cleaner Liquid prep for base cleaning and priming for gliders. This represents the "new school" of ski waxing tech. Wipe Rex Glide Cleaner onto the base of the ski and allow to dry thoroughly. After drying, a thin wax layer is left behind as a "primer " layer for later waxes. Two legendary iron-in glide waxes - Start Green for the cold days and Rex Blue for everything else. A fresh, sharp New Moon Wax Scraper - time to retire those old, dull scrapers. Toko Groove Pin - handles grooves of all shapes and sizes: perhaps the handiest little tool at the wax bench! Now that the skis are all waxed up, protect them with some New Moon Ski Sleeves - they keep those fast bases safely separated for the drive to the trail! And for a great trail-head conversation starter, a New Moon Bumper Sticker!
Toko Gel Cleaner 250ML Aerosol
Ideal for removing kick wax and klisters and cleaning up filthy ski bases. Also excellent for cleaning tools. Remember, avoid using base cleaners on a well-waxed base unless extremely dirty. This does not apply to the kick zone on classic skis. Purge waxing is always advised for cleaning well-waxed bases. 250ml aerosol spray can.
Toko PFC Free Base Performance Liquid Paraffin Kit - T20
$114.00 $149.50 24% Off
Kit containing all of the essentials for waxing Base Performance Liquid Paraffin. Contains 1 each of Base Performance Liquid Paraffin Yellow, Red, and Blue, a Base Performance Hot Wax Blue 120g, and a Yellow Liquid Paraffin Polishing Brush all in a high quality cordura zippered bag.
Rex G-Series Gliders Service Line 500ml
Rex G-series spray gliders are special fluoro-free versions of our most advanced HF gliders. They feature all the technology advantages of Rex HF-series, without the use of fluoro compounds. Approved for use in junior racing in countries where fluorinated waxes are prohibited. In low moisture and artificial snow, the performance is almost on par with HF series, with similar durability. G-series gliders are great waxes for fast training and junior racing. Likewise to our HF Sprays, they are the most wax-containing liquid gliders on the market and do not need hot waxing to support their durability. Fills small imperfections in base material like hot wax, reconditions and replenishes. G41 – Taking a step ahead and breaking the boundaries set by hot waxing! The new G41 Spray is not limited by the requirements set by hot waxing and scraping. The Special UHW wax is only possible to apply in liquid form. Being the hardest glide wax on the market, it gives unseen performance on artificial and coarse snow, and also on cold dry snow. 435 G41 UHW Pink/Green +5…-20°C Rex G41 is an extremely hard and wear-resistant glide wax that offers top -level performance both on cold and weary snow, and also on coarse wet snow and icy crust. Rex 2-Step Carrier™ solvent technology enables the applying of UHW™ ultra-hard glide wax, without the limitations set by hot waxing and scaping. For long distances and weary conditions, also great for alpine skis and snowboards, where wear resistancy is crucial 439 G21G "New Snow" Spray +2…-12°C For new snow. A non-fluor version of HF21 Graphite, with all the top wax technologies like N-Kinetic™ -nanoparticles, Power Polymers™ advanced wax blend and 2-Step Carrier™ solvent technology.. Never has Rex non-fluorinated glide wax been this fast! 437 G21 Blue Spray -2…-12°C Non-fluor version of HF21 Blue, with all the top wax technologies like N-Kinetic™ -particles, Power Polymers™ advanced wax blend and 2-Step Carrier™ solvent technology. Never has Rex non-fluorinated glide wax been this fast! 436 G11 Yellow Spray +10…-2°C Non-fluor version of HF21 Yellow, with all the top wax technologies like N-Kinetic™ -particles, Power Polymers™ advanced wax blend and 2-Step Carrier™ solvent technology. Never has Rex non-fluorinated glide wax been this fast!
START RF Fluoro Racing Wax
$15.40 $22.00 30% Off
Like the popular Oslo kicker line, but targeted to newer snows. Fluorinated kick wax for medium to high humidity (55-100%). Can be used as a kick wax alone, or as a finishing wax applied on top of kick waxing. Ideal for fresh to lightly transformed snow. Comes in: Blue (14F to 25F) Red (23F to 30F) Purple (28F to 38F) Yellow (34F to 37F)
Fast Wax Non-Fluoro HS 500g
$40.00 - $47.50
Teal 500g HS-10 (-5F to 15F): 500g bulk bar is ideal for families, teams or skiers using large quantities of wax. "Mid-cold" teal is a reliable and economical training wax for abrasive snows in the teens and single digits. Great wax for economically and effectively hardening ski bases for cold weather, and applies easier than extreme white. Comparable to Swix CH5X. Blue 500g HS-20 (12F to 28F): Bulk bar for high-volume waxing; high school teams take note! Fast Wax Blue is one of our more popular choices as a "universal" glider for waxers looking for a simple set-up and for hardening bases as an underway for a harder HF. Comparable to Swix CH6X. Red 500g HS-30 (22F to 32F) This broad-range training wax will work well from slightly above freezing and even down into the teens if the snow is somewhat transformed. Yellow 500g HS-40 (30F to 50F) Soft glider for wet, clean snow and also a great summer storage wax. 500g bar available for high volume waxing.
Rex Non-Fluoro 600g Bulk Ultra Glide
$75.00 - $115.00
Blue 600g Ultra Glide (14F to 30F) New Moon all-time best seller! Legendary Rex Blue is one of the best non-fluorinated gliders in the world. super reliable choice for base waxing and training. Violet 600g Ultra Glide (23F to 32F) Popular glide wax in the 20s to mid=30s, especially on humid snow. Highly durable like its companion, Rex Blue.
Toko Express Rub-On 40g
Rub-on wax for all types of snow and temperatures. - Improves sliding properties and cares for the base - Polish in using the cork on the back of the package or TOKO Thermo Cork - Very convenient for waxing en route - Very convenient for the care of ski skins to prevent the formation or adhesion of ice - Also used as rust protection for ski edges
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