Why Buy?

Why Buy from New Moon Ski & Bike Shop

Joel Harrison, Owner helping customer in the storeWhy buy from New Moon Ski & Bike Shop when you can buy from the ski shop down the street or another ski shop online? Here's how you can trust New Moon with all of your Nordic needs:

Customer Service

The most important thing to all of us here at New Moon is customer service. Our knowledgeable staff works with customers to find the products that will help them have a great XC ski experience – whether they buy a ski hat or a ski package! We also carry the best products in the industry and we use everything we sell. Orders are usually shipped the same day, and all products carry a return policy.


Need to know which base layer to take on your trip to Whistler or how the Birkie trail is this season? How the Fischer 812 camber kicks in steep uphills compared to the Rossi C1 or C2 or just what hat best matches the new ski jersey you are buying? No matter what your question, we have an extremely knowledgeable staff who can help you find out the information you need to make the best decision for you. Everyone here not only works in the Nordic field, they live it – every day.

Both Joel and Chris have an extensive knowledge of every aspect of cross country skiing and New Moon’s staff collectively has an immense wealth of Nordic ski experience. This is our life, and New Moon is eager to make your ski experience the best ever!

Ski Fitting

Ski fittingHow can New Moon accurately fit my skis when I'm not there, on-site? Since 1976, New Moon has specialized in fitting skis accurately for skiers of all abilities – from beginners to experts.

Our skis techs use a combination of tests and experience to make sure that every customer gets the right fit. First, they gather information using your skier profile and often a phone call to answer not only some obvious questions such as height, weight and ability, but also some more in-depth questions such as what types of trails you will be skiing in what part of the country, if you plan on racing or your placement in some races you've already participated in. All of this information helps narrow down which skis will be right for you.

After working with you to make a decision, we then pick your specific skis, not only by using the manufacturers' recommendations, but also through rigorous ski testing using specific weight to accurately test the pressure profile of the skis on the test benches. This is an elusive skill, combining technical testing protocol and decades upon decades of fitting experience.

New Moon proudly guarantees the proper fit of each and every pair of skis sold - each customer will get the right skis for his or her weight, height, ability and intended use. We are dedicated to making sure all of our customers receive the pair of skis that is exactly the right fit, period.

Nordic Specific Clothing?

Any number of websites carry athletic clothing; you can go down to the local department store and get workout clothes. So why would you choose to get ski clothing from New Moon?

First, we sell Nordic specific clothing. These pieces have been specifically constructed to address the issues that athletes encounter when working out in cold weather. The fabrics that are used are breathable, wicking, and water- and wind-resistant, and they are put together in such a way that protects skiers but still allows moisture transport, which is extremely important when you are exercising in extreme conditions. For example, waterproof might sound great, but if water can't get in, it can't get out either; so you'll be wet, and then you'll get cold. This is the kind of situation that regular workout clothing can't handle. Perfectly good clothing can be uncomfortable and possibly dangerous in the wrong conditions. Our clothing will keep you protected, safe, comfortable and warm (or cool) whether you are skiing at 20 below or 30 above.

Second, the level of our clothing expertise is exceptional. Every one of our clothing salespeople has a minimum of 20 years experience with outdoor clothing, and we all come from different aspects of outdoor recreation, so we can discuss most situations with insight. We wear this clothing, we clinic on this clothing, we research this clothing. We are not just “order takers” looking at a description in a book. We are intimately familiar with these clothes, their uses, fabrics and companies of origin. If we don't know the answer, we will find it. That's a level of service that you can't get at other online or discount retailers.

Third, our clothing buyer is in the shop, on the phones 40+ hours a week taking orders, answering questions and resolving clothing issues. If you have a problem or question, you don't have to wade through mangers and customer service department employees who can't offer results. Judy is in direct contact with clothing representatives and companies daily, so she can get you the details that you need to make an accurate decision or to solve any problem you may have-without having to wait days or weeks to do so.

Buy with confidence from New Moon. Our clothing is made for what we love. Our sales people are experienced, friendly and helpful. Our buyer can get you the results you deserve. New Moon's level of customer service is unsurpassed in the industry. We want you to be happy, comfortable and have a fun time on the trails, because together we make this sport strong. See you on the trails.