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 Go fluorine-free and get $10 off any Bliz, Kinetixx or Start products

Get Rid of Ski Wax With Fluorine

The future of ski wax is fluorine-free. Most ski wax manufacturers have stopped producing and selling ski waxes containing fluorine. However, many fluorinated products are still sitting in garages or sheds. Join our voluntary effort to make skiing completely fluorine-free! You can do so by dropping off old fluorine-containing ski wax for disposal at our shop.

Don't throw ski wax containing fluorine in the trash. New Moon Ski & Bike and Bliz/Start/Kinetixx is offering to dispose of fluorinated nordic ski wax, no matter the brand. All you have to do is drop off your fluorine-containing products at New Moon Ski & Bike in Hayward, WI. At the point of drop-off, we will give you a coupon worth $10 off any regularly priced Bliz, Kinetixx or Start product that can be used online or in-store as a thank you for helping to get rid of all the fluorinated ski waxes from hitting our trails.

Disposing of Products Correctly

The following methods of disposal recommended by the EPA are often displacement rather than decomposition. I.e. Take the fluorinated materials and move them far away from any source where they may be hazardous. 

3 Methods are outlined in the interim guidance for destruction and disposal: incineration, Landfills, and Underground Injection.

Guidelines for incineration: Temperature required for the most difficult to decompose, 1400c. It’s really hard to burn! Displacement methods – Landfills and Underground injection. The efficacy is entirely dependent on where the product goes. For some perspective, how little fluorocarbon is found in fluorinated wax would be less than a drop in the ocean compared to the overall US production of solid waste (258 million tons).

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Bliz Optics

Carved from nordic rock and timber, Bliz protective sports gear embodies the best of Scandinavian thinking and craftsmanship. Durable, minimalistic design and proven quality. Made to withstand the harsh nordic climate and ready to take on every challenge.

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Active skiers will find the right products from Start for all conditions. Start MF and AllTemp line gliders and RF line kick waxes will provide good results in all snow conditions. Start HF Grip tape provides good kick and prepare with Start Skin Care products.

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Kinetixx Gloves

Brand new to the United States: KinetiXx hails from Germany and is part of the W+R group. W+R is renowned for their military gloves, mechanics gloves, and their various proprietary technologies that set them apart from the competition. KinetiXx is their line of sport gloves that aim to provide the highest level of performance that is possible.