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Ski Boot Parts & Accessories

Sidas Boot Refresher with USB
Use the Therm-ic Care systems after your sporting activity. The hygiene devices prevent the development of bacteria and germs while maintaining optimum heat inside your shoes. In just a few hours, ski boots and sports shoes will be dry, heated and ready for use. Dries completely soaked boots or gloves within a few hours. - Prevents the development of germs and bacteria with the UV - Absorbs unpleasant odours - Drying time control on the device - Compact and silent - Fits all types and sizes of shoes and gloves - Adjustable length - Charging point USB 5V/2A
Rossignol Unisex Nordic Overboot
Made of stretchable seam-taped neoprene, the fleece-lined Nordic OVERBOOT features a rear zipper and can be used with either skating or classic boots to increase overall warmth and waterproofing in extremely cold or wet snow conditions. Boot compatibility: - S: 35-37 - M: 38-40 - L: 41-43 - XL: 44-46 - XXL: 47-49
Sidas Dryer Bags Cedar Wood - Pr
Add to Cart The Cedar Wood Dryer Bags are one of our staff's favorite! At home or on the road, they pack small and they are one of the most efficient solutions out there. The dryer bags can dry your wet and damp shoes 4 times faster than open-air drying, by naturally capturing trapped moisture into the wood cedar composition. It also helps keeping shoes fresh and keep the smells away. That's a win-win! - Small and compact: great to carry everywhere with you - Easy slip-in: takes 2 second to slide them in when coming home - Absorb moisture 4 times faster than traditional open-air drying - Eliminate odors thanks to its natural sanitizing action - Made 100% with natural cedar wood wrapped in a polyester fabric using - Durable and reusable product
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