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Cleaners & Wax Removers

$22.00 - $180.00
Gentle cleaning fluid for cross-country ski skins and touring skins. It removes all types of dirt and residue from the skins.
$25.00 - $60.00
Maximize the performance of any glide wax by first cleaning your bases with Pure Clean & Glide. Removes excess dirt, oils and other unwelcome guests that prevent your bases from properly adhering to that next layer of wax. Sponge on, wipe clean, finish with a nylon brush. Now you are ready to apply the wax of the day. -Completely fluorine free. -80ml bottle can treat up to 12-20 pairs of skis. -200ml bulk bottle -500ml bulk bottle
$27.00 - $59.00
NEW Fluor free version of Glide Cleaner. Cleanses the base as well as Rex Remover, but without making the base turn gray and dry. Apply generously to cloth or fiberlene, wipe the base clean and let dry for 2-3. minutes. Brush well with a nylon brush. After treatment, Rex Glide Cleaner leaves a very hard and thin layer of Rex UHW hard wax, that acts as an excellent binder for both liquid and solid paraffin waxes. Always start a new glide waxing by cleaning with Rex Glide Cleaner. It will make the attachment and durability of sequent wax layers considerably better. Glides well even on its own on dirty and artificial snow, that is usually found in ski tunnels.
Gentle cleaning liquid for all types of base. Removes wax residue especially of Top Finish products and prepares the base for waxing.
Start Glide Zone Cleaner - This cleaning solution was created to clean the glide zones of your skis without removing the wax. This is not to be used on the kick zones of your classic skis, but instead on the gliding zones of your classic and skate skis. We recommend applying glide zone cleaner before waxing your skis every time. Glide zone cleaner removes dirt and other particulates that get on your skis while out skiing. Best practice is to apply a small amount of glide zone cleaner to disposable service towel and rub a thin layer onto the ski base. When the solution dries, your skis will be clean and ready to be waxed.
Swix Cleaners - Lightly scented - Dearomatized hydrocarbons - Citrus based formula - Increased product shelf life
Effective wax removal spray. 220 ml
Ski cleaner for cleaning ski bases and removing wax and klister. First remove as much wax as possible using a scraper. Dampen a piece of Fiberlene with ski cleaner and rub until the wax/dirt is dissolved. Wipe with dry Fiberlene. The active ingredient in this liquid ski cleaner is low-aromatic hydrocarbon, which has a good effect on grease and dirt. The aerosol has a long shelf life and the ski cleaner is less flammable and less environmentally harmful than most other ski cleaning products. Practically odorless.
Cleans integrated skins in a gentle way without affecting the skin glue. Restores the properties of the skin and increases its efficiency. To be used after skiing. - Can also be used for backcountry skiing - Easy to use - Apply after skiing - Must have when using skin skis - Fluoro free ski wax - Swix ski wax
Effective, non-smelly formula for removing wax from skis. Low aromatic formula.
Very soft special wax with low melting point. Ideal for base cleaning and use as basic care of new skis Penetrates very deep into the base Biodegradable Resealable wax case Snow temperature 0 °C — -30 °C Air temperature 10 °C — -30 °C Volume 120 g
Keep your skins skis from grinding to a halt when wet snow, around freezing, can cause the skis to ice up so that Skin skis can be problematic in wet or dirty snow as the snow can stick to the skin and cause that nasty situation of a ski that doesn't grip but also doesn't glide. Skin inserts need occasional treatment to resist this situation and of course Swix has come up with a solution that is easy to use and performs admirably. Application: Rub on to the skin using a back and forth motion to coat the hairs of the skin. Dry for 30 min. before skiing or applying Swix Skin Boost.
Absorbent synthetic towel ideal for applying and spreading new-generation liquid glide waxes. 30 meter roll is perforated into approximately16"/40cm segments for convenience. Note that this is NOT a lint-free product like Swix Fiberlene and Toko Base Tex, Therefore, avoid using for kick wax or klister cleanup with Rex Fibertowel.
Ski wax remover for both grip and glide waxes. Use together with fibertowel, paper, or scraper. Also removes dirt effectively from ski base. Suitable for all skis and snowboards. Also for Nanogrip- skis. Do not use for cleaning mohair inserts on skin skis.
This large roll of lint free towels is perfect for use with wax removers and solvents. It's durable enough for removal of klisters and hard waxes without tearing and won't leave a residue of lint on the ski.
Ideal for removing kick wax and klisters and cleaning up filthy ski bases. Also excellent for removing wax residue from scrapers, rillers and other tools. Remember, avoid using base cleaners on a well-waxed base unless extremely dirty. This does not apply to the kick zone on classic skis. Purge waxing is always advised for cleaning well-waxed bases. Aerosol for easy application.
Ideal for removing kick wax and klisters and cleaning up filthy ski bases. Also excellent for cleaning tools. Remember, avoid using base cleaners on a well-waxed base unless extremely dirty. This does not apply to the kick zone on classic skis. Purge waxing is always advised for cleaning well-waxed bases. 250ml aerosol spray can.
For cleaning grip and glide wax bases. Suitable also for G-Grip and Nanogrip waxfree bases. Do not use for cleaning skin ski mohair inserts. Remove wax with scraper then spray onto remaining wax. Let sit and wipe clean with a synthetic towel.
Toko Skin Ski Cleaner gently cleans skin ski hair patterns allowing better kick, especially on glazed trails. Formulated with special, skin-safe solvents that will not dissolve or soften the adhesives use for skin patterns. Use whenever skin pattern appears matted or discolored from debris. Simply spray on skin until damp, and wipe with cloth or fibrelene from tip to tail. Allow to dry. Then, re-apply ski wax treatment before skiing. 70ml pump spray.
Aerosol spray wax remover. 250 ml.
Removes wax residue and preps the base for waxing.
One sheet each of abrasive, mild abrasive, and polishing fibertex.
Special fleece for base cleaning and different types of polishing. It can also be used as a base-friendly fleece when ironing in hot wax and JetStream. 20 m x 0,15 m.
Lint-free cleaning towels perfect for use with wax removers and solvents. Size small (25 meters).
For cleansing the ski base together with Rex Remover, or for removing fluff from ski base.
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