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Toko Ski Holder
Two-piece ski holder for easy fitting to the Workbench. For 4 pairs of cross-country skis or 2 pairs of alpine skis.
Toko Handy Wax Box (Empty)
(14" x 7" x 11") Compact version of the Big Box. Features: three drawers, two shelves, and a lock. Yes, the Wax Mouse will fit. Maybe use this one to handle the overflow from the Big Box.
Swix Bag for T00754 Waxing Table
Practical and robust transport and storage cover for the T00754 waxing table. The cover is stitched in thick and robust material that both protects the table and surroundings during travel and storage. Sturdy carrying straps make it easier to transport the waxing table. 38" x 18" x 4.25"
Toko Soft Wax Box with Shoulder Strap
Keep your waxes off the floor of your car and where they belong! Toko's all-new soft-sided wax case is the perfect solution for organized, efficient travel with your waxing supplies. The padded, main compartment protects your waxing iron from drops and impacts. Any size wax iron with its own iron cozy built-in. Its large, upper storage compartment includes two secure plastic bins for messy wax or klister. Two side zip pockets easily accommodate brushes, tools, and other accessories. Use with carry handle or the included shoulder strap.
Swix Soft Wax Bag
34cmX 32cmX 17cm Weekend soft wax carry case. Fully padded and insulated. The bottom compartment holds any size Swix iron with its own heat cozy built-in. Upper store units that hold 3 -180g wax case. Large padded upper storage units.Two large zip compartments on each side for brushes, tools and accessories. Padded shoulder strap and handles.
Swix Bag For T0075 Waxing Table
Practical and durable bag for T0075 waxing table. 48" x 13.5" x 4.5"
3M Wax Room Respirator
Protect your investment! Everyone, absolutely everyone, should be wearing respirators at all times when waxing. Not just for guys on the World Cup; every breath of fumes is one too many. Filters organic vapors, acid gases and particulates. Filters included. Non-returnable once packaging is opened. Face mask includes 1 pair of filter cartridges. Just install cartridges provided and it is ready for use. * Note: These respirators are intended for filtration of organic chemicals. They are not proven effective for viruses or other pathogens.
Toko Digital Snow Thermometer
Celsius or Fahrenheit.
Swix R0220N Wall Thermometer
A great gift for any skier!
Swix T70-H2 Holder For Waxing Iron
Practical Waxing Iron Holder for mounting on to waxing table or workbench (max. 40 mm). Reduces the risk of dropping a valuable iron on floor. Fits all SWIX Irons.
Swix R210 Swix Rect. Wall Thermometer
"Rectangular wall thermometer for indoor or outdoor use. Specifications: -40°C/+50°C -Color coded acc. to SWIX ski waxes Dimension: 43.5 cm x 12.8 cm / 17.1 in x 5 in"
Toko Backshop-Apron
- Backshop apron - 100% cotton - One size fits all - With phone pocket
Toko Wax Apron
Heavy duty wax Apron by Toko
Rex Apron
Keep klister off your favorite hoodie in style with the Rex wax apron. Large hand pockets for your phone or brushes. Black with large red logo lets your buddies know you're a Rex fan!
Toko Iron Cover
Protective shell for wax iron. Protects the wax iron during transport. Heat resistant bottom area for a quick stowage of the still warm wax iron. Fits all current ski wax irons.
Swix T790K Fixing clamps - T793, T767 & T796
Clamps for fixing cross country waxing profiles to table. (T0793-2, T0795 or T0767-3) to waxing tables.
Swix T790T-75 Fixation in profiles 75mm
Holder, 75 mm, for fixing binding in profile T0793-2, T0766 and T0768-2.
Swix Waxing Apron
At the wax bench (or the kitchen stove), the Swix apron has good coverage with handy pockets.
3M Respirator Replacement Filters
Contains 1 pair of replacement filter cartridges. Filters organic vapors, acid gases and particulates. Replace after 60 hours; don't try to stretch it! Non-returnable once packaging is opened. * Note: These respirators are intended for filtration of organic chemicals. They are not proven effective for viruses or other pathogens.
Swix Snow Thermometer
Traditional glass and red alcohol thermometer with protective case. Celsius only.
Toko Coaches' Snow Thermometer
Traditional glass and alcohol thermometer with protective sheath. Celsius or Fahrenheit.
Rex Fibertowel
Absorbent synthetic towel ideal for applying and spreading new-generation liquid glide waxes. 30 meter roll is perforated into approximately16"/40cm segments for convenience. Note that this is NOT a lint-free product like Swix Fiberlene and Toko Base Tex, Therefore, avoid using for kick wax or klister cleanup with Rex Fibertowel.
Swix Fiberlene Size Large T0150
This large roll of lint free towels is perfect for use with wax removers and solvents. It's durable enough for removal of klisters and hard waxes without tearing and won't leave a residue of lint on the ski.
Toko Adhesive Tape
High-quality adhesive tape that can stand up to low temperatures.
Rex Rexlon Teflon Cloth
Size 8x20 cm. Used for ironing fluorinated coatings. Prevents base burning and keeps the iron clean. Lasts dozens of applications. One sheet.
Swix Fiberlene Size Small T0151
Lint-free cleaning towels perfect for use with wax removers and solvents. Size small (25 meters).
Toko Repair Candle 6mm
Base repair-stick for base damage. Just light it and drip the repair material onto the base.
Swix T79NU Nut 8mm for Profiles
Easy to tighten! - Spare part for adjusting T0793-2 and T0079-1
Swix T76SS Screw 6mm for Waxtables
Screw. 6 mm. Fits the waxing tables T0076/ T0075W/ T00754.
Swix T76Sf Screw Foot for Table T76
Spare part for waxing table. - Leveling foot - For waxing tables - For Swix waxing table owners - Easy adjustment
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