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Corks & Scrapers

Kit contains 120g Base Performance Yellow, Red, and Blue, a 3mm Plexiscraper, a Nylon Brush, a Red (fine) DMT diamond file, and a edge grinding rubber all in a nice case.
Kit containing 1 each of Base Green Binder, Yellow, Red, and Blue, a plasto cork, and a multipurpose scraper all in a high quality cordura zippered bag.
100mm rasp file sharpens plexiglass scrapers up to 6mm thick. Professional grade, for sharpening and smoothing plastic scraper blades. 100mm rasp file sharpens plexiglass scrapers up to 6mm thick. Can be screwed onto the table or a wooden board.
Sharpen your old scrapers for efficient scraping. Ceramic cutting edges and grooves for different size scrapers make sharpening easy.
A handy natural cork with a felt pad adhered to the underside. Use it to buff-out paste waxes.
Absorbent synthetic towel ideal for applying and spreading new-generation liquid glide waxes. 30 meter roll is perforated into approximately16"/40cm segments for convenience. Note that this is NOT a lint-free product like Swix Fiberlene and Toko Base Tex, Therefore, avoid using for kick wax or klister cleanup with Rex Fibertowel.
Bedazzle your wax bench. Easier to find in the detritus that is every skier's waxing table, this piece of sparkliness will put a little pep in your waxing step. Treat yourself or your favorite wax tech. The idea for this glittery nonsense came to us during a marathon waxing session while listening to some very catchy disco. That’s a thing nordies do, right? RIGHT? Laser-cut acrylic 155mm x 60mm Silver = 5mm
For peeling Ptex from the base to remove scratches and gouges and to uncover fresh base material for better wax absorption. Also removes burned base material resulting from overheating in the waxing process. Comes pre-sharpened with a nice burr for making scraping a breeze. Easily resharpened on a diamond whetstone.
Synthetic hard foam for corking kick waxes.
Steel blade for removing base material during structure and base repair.
Synthetic cork with sandpaper patch for roughing up your kick zone and prepping hairies.
Formerly the Toko Thermo A handy natural cork to use it to buff-out paste waxes.
Pocket-size, light-duty polisher for applying top coats trail side.
Dual density Divinucell foam provides greater durability and longer service.
Natural cork for polishing Cera F and glide wax. Used to cork wax into the base.
Plexi Blade for removing excess wax. 5mm
Four different end radii for grooves and additional shapes for edge scraping.
Nothing beats the feel of real cork! Get that Blue Extra smooth as silk with a natural wax cork from Toko.
For cleansing the ski base together with Rex Remover, or for removing fluff from ski base.
Plexi blade for removing excess wax.
Practical plastic tool for removing wax residue in grooves on edges and sidewalls. With Klister edge.
For smoothening grip waxes.
For smoothening grip waxes.
Plastic and metal edges. An old favorite.
Four different radii to choose from to match your ski's groove shape.
Replacement sandpaper for synthetic combi cork (T0011) #120. 3 pcs.
Multi shape groove scraping tool, and klister paddle.
Handy tool for klister removal.
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