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Rollerski Poles

Swix Pole Size Chart Quantum One is a racing ski pole with excellent stiffness, pendulum and weight. It’s a great choice for the the serious athlete who competes in many mass-start races and wants a slightly stronger pole. The pole is 100% compatible with all Triac components such as Swix TBS and TCS. Quantum One is supplied without a strap so that the strap can be selected from the entire TCS program for the best possible personal fit. Features: Stiffness: 24 mm Weight: 58 gr/m Strength: 70 kp Weight complete 155 cm pole: 142 grams Diameter & lengths: Grip 16 mm, basket 10 mm. 135 cm – 180 cm. 2.5 cm interval. -Compatible with Triac components -High Modulus Carbon composite material. -Uses TCS and TBS strap and basket system **Straps and Baskets included in price.
The Storm GTX is 70% carbon/ 30% glass for a nice mix of light weight and durability. Features -Quick release magnetic straps for convenience and good ergonomics. -Improved durability has over the initial design from four years ago. -Strap system works well with overstrap mittens. -Changing baskets and roller ferrules is easy with One Way's twist lock system. Mix and match striking colors to stand out in the crowd! Sizing: -Large strap for hand size 9 and up or smaller hands with heavier mittens.
A budget-friendly pole, the KV+ Advance 170 is a carbon composite mixture pole. It will give you extra durability but gives up a little weight to do so. This rugged pole is good for beginners and intermediate level skiers. A good pole for rollerskiing as well. **Comes with Forza basket, not rollerski tip as shown. Specs: shaft material: 50% carbon weight: 80 g/m length: 135-170 cm, 5 cm interval handle: Artificial cork w/ Race Clip Ø16.5 mm strap: Evolution Clip basket: larger Forza disk Ø 10 mm
Pole Size Chart The Storm 6 Mag is a 30% Carbon pole for active skiers. Its special feature is the Mag Point Strap 2.0 and Mag Point Grip 2.0. This unique magnetic quick release grip system provides an easy-action button for quickly securing and releasing the strap without opening it. The Flash Basket provides the needed support in all types of snow conditions so enjoy your next tour on the tracks. Specs - Shaft diameter: 16:9 Mm - Shaft Material: Carbon 30% - Swingweight: 185 KGM² - Balance Point: 683 MM - Breaking Load: 940 N - Stiffness: 81 MM - Weight Per Meter: 100 G *Baskets and Straps included in price.
For carving skis and snowboards. For sharpening, deburring and polishing steel edges. Best used with water. Diamond Files provide the cutting ability of a file and the deburring and polishing ability of a stone all in one tool. The Diamond Files are perfect to carry in the pocket for quick removal of the fine burrs created on the edge when skiing or riding on aggressive man-made snow. Swix Diamond stones have taken the technology one step further. The diamond fabric has been adhered to the flat, true aluminum piece to assure that there is no pressure rollover when sharpening side and base bevels. This special diamond cluster pattern will last longer than conventional diamond strips. The configuration in conjunction with a polishing agent will help in moving the excess material from the edge to leave a clean, smooth mirror finish. FEATURES: - Red / Coarse 200 grit - light cutting to reestablish the edge bevel - Economical diamond grit pattern mounted on a durable aluminum plate for excellent grip and control - Use with polishing solution for enhanced longevity and sharpening performance. - Dimensions: 103 mm x 24 mm x 4.5 mm; diamond area is 80 mm x 20 mm
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