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One Way Storm 6 Mag Pole

One Way Storm 6 Mag Pole
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The Storm 6 Mag is a 30% Carbon pole for active skiers. Its special feature is the Mag Point Strap 2.0 and Mag Point Grip 2.0. This unique magnetic quick release grip system provides an easy-action button for quickly securing and releasing the strap without opening it. The Flash Basket provides the needed support in all types of snow conditions so enjoy your next tour on the tracks.

- Shaft diameter: 16:9 Mm
- Shaft Material: Carbon 30%
- Swingweight: 185 KGM²
- Balance Point: 683 MM
- Breaking Load: 940 N
- Stiffness: 81 MM
- Weight Per Meter: 100 G

*Baskets and Straps included in price.