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Waxing Kits

Toko Wax Gift Pack: Toko Wax Box & Kit - Includes Free Stonegrind!
We are often asked "What can I get for the skier who has everything?". Well, they don't have this! We've loaded up the new, Toko Soft-Sided Wax Box with all kinds of goodies for the nordic ski fanatic. This kit includes: Toko Soft Wax Box With Shoulder Strap Toko NF Blue, Red, and Yellow Glide Hot Waxes Toko TF 90 Paste Glide Wax Toko Nordic X-Cold, Blue, Red, and Yellow Kick Waxes Toko Nordic Base Green Kick Wax Binder Toko Copper/Nylon Combi Brush Toko Care Line Washes inc. Textile, Down, and Wool Wash Toko Tech Fabric Reactivator Treatment Toko Fabric Waterproofing Spray 2 plexi-container for sticky or messy waxes New Moon Wax Scraper New Moon / Birkie 21oz BPA-Free Waterbottle New Moon 2018 Nordic Skiing Catalog FREE New Moon Stone Grind including post-grind Hot Box Wax Treatment! Individual Component Price: $299.99 This is sure to please the skier in your life. Want to add more to it? Call us and we'll help you select more great additions to the kit: 800-754-8685.
Swix Krystal Kick Wax Kit with 11 Waxes
$219.00 $242.00 10% Off
All 11 of the Krystal hardwaxes. VG 35 Binder, VR30, 40, 45, 50, 55N, 60, 62, 65, 70, 75.
Toko Wax Gift Pack: Toko Waxing Iron & Profile Kit
Making the "leap" from convenience waxes to hot waxing with an iron doesn't have to be complicated or expensive. This starter profile and iron kit complements our Hot Waxing Essentials Gift Pack for a complete wax room set-up. Included in the this gift pack: Toko's T8 Wax Iron ensures consistent temperatures vital protecting your skis. The 3-Piece Travel Profile provides a solid and stable work surface for ironing and scraping skis. Toko Nylon brush for brushing excess wax from the ski for the fastest possible skis! Individual Component Price: $220
Toko Structurite + 3 Rollers
Ergonomically-shaped for comfort. Includes all three rollers - Blue for cold, Red medium/universal, and Yellow for warm conditions. Use it AFTER waxing and be sure to brush after applying the structure. Subsequent waxing will remove most of the structure, leaving it ready for the next structure choice. Rollers press temporary structure into base rather than cutting permant structure. We have used it alone and in combination with other rillers with good results.
New Moon Wax Gift Pack: Skin Ski Wax & Cleaner Kit
This collection represents the most popular waxes for skin skis available today! In the kit: Start Fluoro Skin Spray - a universal, durable skin wax that prevents icing and improves glide in any condition. Swix Skin Care Pro Cold for temps in the teens and 20s - primarily enhances glide with colder, higher-friction snows. Swix Skin Care Pro Zero for temps around freezing - both aids glide and prevents icing when snow sticks to the skins. Swix Skin Care Pro Warm for wet snow, well above freezing - helps break suction that slows skis in wet conditions. Swix Skin Cleaner for post ski cleaning - restores the fusction of a askin ski's micro-hairs. Swix Fiberlene cloth to aid with application and cleaning. Any skin ski user will benefit from this kit. Most skiers will find a few that they really like and can always reorder just those. Individual Component Price: $79.00
Toko Wax Gift Pack: Toko Kick Wax Kit
Save on the complete set of 5 current Toko kickers. Individual Component Price: $85
New Moon Wax Gift Pack: Easy & Convenient Glide Wax Kit
Liquid and paste waxes are not just for waxless skis! Waxless, waxable, skate, backcountry... every skier should enjoy good glide over the snow. No one likes wet snow or ice sticking to the ski underfoot either! Convenience glide waxes are a great solution for any skier not able or interested in hot waxing their skis for glide. They also help prevent build-up of ice and snow on the warmer or wet days. Apply these waxes to the entire ski base (except over kick wax for those using waxable classic skis) for smoother, faster glide and less icing and sticking. This kit includes one each of: Toko Grip & Glide Liquid for super-fast application for a few Ks on the trail. Wipe on the base, go ski. Glrp & Glide takes just a few seconds to apply! For better wax durability, up to 10 k or so, use Toko TF 90 Paste . This takes a bit more time to wipe on and smooth over the base, but you'll enjoy faster skis longer! And for the long day or your club's race day, try Fast Wax's Slick Pro Blue Paste and Speed Block . Wipe Slick Pro on with the included foam pad then cork smooth with the Speed Block. Corking Slick Pro will provide maximum wax durability, 15 to 20 K, and superb glide. Blue has a wide, almost universal temperature range, but skiers can add other Slick Pros to cover colder or warmer conditions as they gain confidence and fitness. Individual Component Price: $85.00
New Moon Wax Gift Pack: Hot Waxing Essentials Kit
Any Nordic skier who enjoys fast skis will appreciate this gift! Here are some of the most important and popular waxing essentials in the Nordic ski world for glide waxing with hot wax. Perfect for waxers that already have or are planning on getting a wax profile and a wax iron wax profile and a wax iron. In this gift pack: Fast Wax Base Prep Wax for refreshing and cleaning ski bases for the upcoming season. Two legendary glide waxes - Start Green for the cold days and Rex Blue for everything else. A fresh, sharp New Moon Wax Scraper - time to retire those old, dull scrapers. Toko Groove Pin - handles grooves of all shapes and sizes: perhaps the handiest little tool at the wax bench! Now that the skis are all waxed up, protect them with some New Moon Ski Sleeves - they keep those fast bases safely separated for the drive to the trail! And for a great trail-head conversation starter, a New Moon Bumper Sticker! Individual Component Price: $79.00
New Moon Wax Gift Pack: Kick Waxing Essentials Kit
There is nothing like perfect kick on your favorite pair of waxable classic skis. Simplicity is important for skiers learning to kick wax. This wax kit equips classic skiers with tried and true basics for a wide range of snow conditions. No unusual or mysterious waxes here! Apply several thin layers underfoot from your heel up too 12" to 18" forward of your toes. This area is called the 'kick zone'. Experiment; see what works for you! For cold conditions below 10 degrees F, Swix V20 Green gives reliable kick and makes a durable base for other kick waxes. Swix V40 Blue Extra is perhaps the most popular kick wax ever made, working well from 10 degrees F up to about 30 degrees F. Virtually all seasoned classic skiers use Blue Extra. A true classic! For the warmer days with moist snow, Swix V55 Special Red kicks when the Blue Extra gets too slippery. If V55 is too slippery on a given day, it's time for waxless skis or klister! To use these waxes, one needs a good cork. The Swix Synthetic Cork efficiently smooths each layer onto the kick zone. Also included is a Swix Handy Scraper , Toko Gel Clean , and a roll of Swix Fiberlene to aide in clean-up before the next ski outing. Individual Component Price: $75.00
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