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Rex Skin and Glide Kit

Rex Skin and Glide Kit
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Individual Retail Value $67

-Rex Skin Cleaner for all skin skis. Safe for all manufacturers' mohair inserts. It is hydrocarbon-free and does not weaken the glue of the insert. Use before Rex Skin Care. 170ml

-Rex Skin Care for repelling dirt and enhancing glide, this conditioner is applied directly to the skins. Safe for all brands of skis. Apply to the Rex Fiber Cloth and wipe the mohair clean. Leaves a protective treatment after drying. Hydrocarbon-free. 85ml

-Rex Fiber Cloth for cleaning and polishing skis. 30ml roll.

-Rex Glider Blue (-2…-15°C) Rex Blue is one of the best non-fluorinated gliders in the world. Perfect for the recreational skier as well as for a base wax and for training.

-Informational Pamphlet