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Upper Body Trainers

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Ercolina Upper Body Trainer
From Italy, the Ercolina upper body trainer with watt meter. The Ercolina provides a myriad of power and endurance training opportunities for Nordic skiers. Highly- adjustable resistance and comfortable strap system allow you to vary your workout and training plan quickly and easily. The attached watt meter allows you to better manage workouts and track progress. Gentle, yet demanding, no impact workout. Mounts permanently against a wall or mount with the adjustable height kit listed below. The Ercolina also travels easily for team workouts and camps with the travel bag and remote mounting hooks. All items sold separately. Call 800-754-8685 for more details or stop in and try one out!
Ercolina Travel Bag
Heavy duty padded bag for easy transport or storage of your Ercolina.
Ercolina Backing Plate
Install a 2nd backing plate in another locale! Many athletes set the unit up outside on a tree and combine running hills with arm strength work.
Ercolina Paletta
Swim handle "paletta" an aluminum plate with straps to secure to machine. Used to simulate swimming.
Ercolina Snap Link Connector - Pair
Secure and quick fastener for Ercolina Ergo Handles . Sold per pair.
Ercolina Ergo Handles - Pair
A larger, more ergonomic strap for the Ercolina. Price is per pair. Use Ercolina Snap Link Connector for for a secure and quick fastener for ergo handles.
Ercolina Adjustable Height Kit
Strongly recommended! Steel rails allow convenient adjustment of the Ercolina to fine tune your workout. Enables proper loading on muscles and joints.
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