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New Moon Ambassador Program

The New Moon Ambassador Program gives a group of athletes support and the ability to share their race stories while achieving their sporting goals. These athletes understand the importance of staying active and fit, even with the daily demands of life. They have a supportive, positive outlook with which they seek new experiences. As a New Moon Ambassador member, they help friends, community and training partners by letting them in on the secret.  Since 1976, New Moon has provided cutting edge products and expert technical support to help athletes of all ages excel in their sports. Word of mouth has been our #1 reason for growing as a company and lifestyle.

Charlie Anderson

Skiing and cycling have been part of Charlie’s life since High School in Hayward. Now there are two seasons in the year. Warm weather = biking, cold weather = skiing. Ski racing went international when he started competing in World Loppet races in Europe. What could be better than combining the sport you love with a family vacation? Only five more race to go until he completes his goal of becoming a World Loppet Master.

Molly (Burger) LeBlanc, Katie Burger, Emily Burger

It’s clear that a love of xc skiing runs through the Burger girls’ veins, But apart from competing, it is clear that participating with friends and family is what is truly important to them. Molly’s favorite memories are of “roller ski intervals with my Dad and over-distance runs and skis with the NMU team,” and Katie recalls, “Skiing with my best friends in college at the Reforestation Camp trails in Green Bay,” as a special memory. Emily says, “I love the sport of skiing and the people in the ski community are so nice. Having fun while skiing with my family and friends is very motivating and makes me want to keep doing it.”

Ian Finch

Ian has been an athlete all his life, but is relatively new to silent sports. "I began mountain/fat/road/gravel biking when I moved to Hayward in 2014 and skied my first Birkie in 2015. My favorite race has been the Fat Bike Birkie several times, which has a great atmosphere and plenty of beer and partying. Overall I really enjoy the supportive, energetic community surrounding all of these activities and supporting healthy lifestyles that celebrate our beautiful area. Plus the post activity social time with beer and snacks (herring!) is as much fun as the activities themselves."

Kristin Frane

Even though she started at the age of 37, Kristen already has 6 Kortes and 6 Birkies under her belt, as well as multiple triathlons, 1/2 marathons, and crossfit competitions. After being invited to a local women's fitness group, Ski and Tea, she began her path to good health. "For me, staying in shape has so many health benefits, and I've developed habits to keep me going. If I am signed up for something, I'm the type that will train for it. And training is also very social for me.  I feel very fortunate to have met many wonderful like-minded friends during this fitness journey."

Maddy Schwartz

Maddy has been active outdoors since she was a baby in a backpack and has always loved it! She has been cross country skiing and mountain biking since 4 yrs old and passionate about both since she started. Her family moved to Hayward to start Middle School, where she is now on the ski/mountain bike teams.  When she was 11, she started doing bigger races like the Pre-Fat and Short & Fat.  At 12 she did the Seeley Hills Classic & Ski de She and plans to do the Korte when she turns 13 this year. She now enjoys helping the younger kids learn to ski as a volunteer for Nordic Kids. Maddy hopes to someday ski in the Olympics!

Justine Ertl

Justine found her love of mountain biking after her high school hockey team did a team-bonding mountain bike ride. Since, she’s added road and gravel biking to the mix, racing collegiately and locally, and enjoys the Tuesday night group rides. Justine is also a try-hard runner, completing two marathons and is looking forward to an ultra-marathon in the future. Last winter, she learned how to skate ski and is excited to ski her first Birkie in February.

Riley Gould

Riley is a fantastic addition to our ambassador line-up. She has been involved in a number of sports over the years, but has gravitated toward xc skiing and mountain biking, competing on the Hayward HS Nordic Team and the Hayward Composite Mountain Bike (NICA) team. "I think one of my favorite sports memories was when I placed 3rd in a classic sprint race. I’d never placed that high in a ski race, and I was really surprised — especially since it was a classic race. It was overall just a really cool moment for me!" She also sails and hopes to pursue all three sports throughout high school and later in life.

Rebecca Ireland

Avid skier, rider, and adventurer, Rebecca has some awards to back those titles up, including Chequamegon MTB Short and Fat women's champ, Fat Bike Birkie 21K women's champ, 3rd place in the Borah Epic women's race, as well as having raced cat 2 cyclocross and MTB cat 1. After dabbling in Enduro racing during her time in VT, she is now back in the Midwest refining her technical skills—working on jumping, hopping, dropping, and wheelie skills on the trails and local pump track. Most important on her list is loving being outside in the woods and having FUN on the trails with others.

Cody and Desiree Hagberg

Desiree and Cody got married right out of high school in 2011. They are that crazy couple that does pretty much everything together. "We are kind of a package deal." Desiree and Cody have been mountain biking for about 4 years and Desiree picked up skiing in 2021. She raced in the Prince Haakon thanks to training with the New Moon crew. They both fell in love with MTB and the amazing community around it right away. "It's a sport that has brought us not only better health, but a stronger bond as a couple who ride and race together every chance we can."  In addition to the local events like the Pre-Fat and Cheq 40, they also travel to race Enduro and Downhill. "We like to go fast and get rowdy out there on the gnarly stuff"

Linda Shydlowski

Childhood summers spent here in the Northwoods fostered in her a love for nature and playing outdoors. "I'm thrilled to work and live in such a beautiful area that presents year-round opportunities to be and play outdoors. My work with those at the end of life reminds me to embrace the gift of life each day fully and to encourage others to do the same." With her first Birkie and a couple of bike races under her belt, when she's not off in the woods on her own or at group rides and skis, look for Linda at the start and finish line of upcoming events with a smile on her face ~ encouraging, congratulating and celebrating others.

Mitchell Nelson

Mitch is one impressive high school student, both on the trails and off. He is passionate about cross country skiing, especially classic, and hopes to ski collegiately. Mitch is a great example of balancing the athleticism of sport with the beauty of nature. “I was …skiing the Sleeping Giant Loppet in southeastern Canada, really trying to ski competitively, but about 16k into this 24k race I just slowed down and realized how beautiful the trail was. It was very bright out through the trees, and it was dead quiet. It was just pretty, and I've now learned that it is ok to just slow down and take in your surroundings.” At 15 he is a busy kid, on the Hayward HS Varsity Soccer and Nordic ski teams, the HS Trap Team, and a life scout who enjoys hunting, trapping, hiking, and kayaking.

April Rasmussen

April's most memorable moment in competition is from the Birkie Half Marathon Trail Run in 2013, "This was my first half marathon ever. I was SO excited for it that I got the start of the race time wrong and showed up 15 minutes late. I was late, but I did not let it stop me from running. I just pushed ahead and killed it!" Her motivation is a healthy lifestyle, "My family and I try to embrace this as much as I can in daily living."