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Rollerski Parts & Accessories

Fischer Rollerski Brake
Innovative brake design attaches to boot and controls friction brake on rear wheel. With a little practice you can stop on a dime. You'll feel naked without it.
V2 900XLQ Speed Reducer Pair
Control your decents or turn flatlands into uphills! The 900Q speed reducer pair mounts on the front fork of the new V2 Carbon Classic 900Q.
V2 XL Aero Speed Reducer Pair
Fits Aero 150 Skis. These devices allow you to incrementally increase rolling resistance. Duplicate hills in flatlander country or contain the speed of killer descents to within sane limits. Speed reducers can open up hilly terraine previously too steep to descend. One per ski needed for proper function. Sold in pairs, call for singles.
V2 Aero Brake 2020
The original brake system for V2 roller skis was developed over twelve years ago, but the Patent was not issued until 2010. Since the introduction, there are a number of improvements, many based on comments by users, but there have been no major changes. Now introducing the first major improvement of the brake since its commercial introduction in 2006. Some skate boots are now so tall that the brake arm yoke, even when adjusted to the highest position, touches the boot instead of the calf. For the most efficient braking it’s important that the yoke engages the calf, not the boot. The new brake arm and yoke is not just taller, but also stronger and has more vertical and horizontal adjustments to better fit the users anatomy, and is designed so that there is no need to drill a safety screw hole. In addition to being functionally better, it’s also more attractive.
V2 900XLQ Brake
Lean back "tele-style" to activate this brake. A very effective braking system that gives the skier the safety and control needed for gradual or sudden stops. Only one brake needed per pair of skis. Compatible with the new V2 Carbon Classic 900Q.
V2 XL Aero Brake
Lean back against the leg support to rapidly come to a controlled stop. This brake is very effective and gives the roller skier the safety and control needed for a sudden stop. A very welcome addition to rollerskiing! One brake is required for a pair of skis.
Rossignol Rollerski Classic Bindings
Set up your dry-land roller skis with the same race-proven binding as your skis. The Roller Classic binding is built on the Turnamic Nordic system and is compatible with all NNN and Prolink boot soles. It features a screw mount to attach to the roller ski and a user-friendly step-in system for quick entry. Classic Specific Flex Classic Flexors offer tool-free replacement for progressive power transfer and better ski control for classic skiing
Rottefella Rollerski Skate Bindings
Rottefella's roller ski binding is one of the most durable on the market. It is perfect for any roller ski and fits the NNN/IFP/Prolink binding pattern. The harder plastics used in the binding prevent it from cracking or splitting. If you are an avid roller skier or a novice this is a great choice for all ability levels.
Rottefella Rollerski Classic Bindings
Rottefella's roller ski binding is one of the most durable on the market. It is perfect for any roller ski and fits the NNN/IFP/Prolink binding pattern. The harder plastics used in the binding prevent it from cracking or splitting. If you are an avid roller skier or a novice this is a great choice for all ability levels.
Fischer Turnamic Rollerski Classic Bindings
Designed specifically for rollerskis with screw-in mounting rather than IFP-plate slide-on mounting as found on some skis. Turnamic-style manual entry/relaese. Skate toe flexor. Compatible with all NNN/Prolink-style boots. Sold In Pairs.
Specialized Air Tool Shock Pump
Tune your suspension to perfection wherever you are with Specialized's Air Tool Shock Pump. It's easy to get exact pressures with the dial gauge and the micro air bleed button. Plus, the compact design means it will easily fit in your hydration pack.
Fischer Rollerski Wheel Classic 80/30 Med RL Carbonlite Ratchet
Replacement Carbonlite Classic front Ratchet Wheel, medium speed. Sold individually.
V2 900 Series Front Wheel Clutch
Jenex works with manufacturers to make sure their wheels have the right blend of durability and performance. Different rubber compounds roll with more resistance or last longer. RW9 Clutch wheel for all 900 series rollerskis. Install on front fork and use dedicated axel. Wheel Diameter:70mm/2.75in.
V2 Aero 150 Skate Complete Wheel - Sold Individually
Complete, assembled replacement wheel for V2 Aero XL150 Skis. Includes tire, rim, tube, bearings, axle,and spacers Always check inflation before every use. NOT A PAIR - SOLD INDIVIDUALLY
V2 XL9848 Replacement Wheel
$38.00 - $55.00
Replacement wheels for XL9848. Choose from rear free wheel, medium or slow speed. (spacers not included) Or front clutch wheel. Sold Individually.
Toko Profi Light Weight Racing Glove
$45.00 - $49.00
Toko Profi: HT006 Lightweight Race Glove Black/White • Wind blocker outershell with reflective accents • Tapered finger construction • Chamude palm • Lycra cuff with pull tab • Thumb reinforcement • Terry thumb patch • Anatomical cut with Precision Fit Technology • Sizes 5-12 •Touch Screen Compatible
Toko 3 Season Glove
Durable lightweight washable glove ideal for rollerskiing, cyclocross, or mountain biking.
Fischer Rollerski RC5 Skate Wheel 80/20 Med Jr
Medium speed replacement wheel for RC5 junior ski. Sold as singles
V2 900 Series Rear Wheel
$36.00 - $37.00
Jenex works with manufacturers to make sure their wheels have the right blend of durability and performance. Different rubber compounds roll with more resistance or last longer. For all 900 series rollerskis. Install on rear fork. The 900 slow wheel replicates a workload similar to slower snow speeds. Wheel Diameter:70mm/2.75in Wheel Width:40mm/1.56in. Sold Individually.
V2 98 Series Skate Replacement Wheel
Complete Replacement wheel for the XLK98M & 98 Alloy Rollerskis. The Slow W98RS uses V2's patented internal speed reducer that makes it about 15% slower than the Medium W98RM. Sold individually.
Fischer Rollerski Wheel 100/24 Med Carbonlite Skate
Medium speed wheel for Carbonlite skate rollerski. Sold individually
V2 Aero 150 Skate Tire
V2 Aero 150 replacement tire. Fits only the 150 wheel assembly (Sold separately). Please call New Moon for tips on mounting if you're trying to pull it off yourself! Sold Individually
Swix Triac TBS Rollerski Ferrules
Sold in pairs. Innovative glueless collet design fits TBS shafts only (Triac TBS, Star TBS, Team TBS and Carbon TBS).
V2 RSTD10-G3 Spring Loaded Ferrule
VP-RSTD10G3 V2 has a worldwide reputation for good roller ski ferrules. We tried many different carbide formulations before we found the best compromise between hardness and strength. Carbide is very brittle, and if not securely held in the plastic housing the tip can easily break. We developed geometry between the carbide tip and plastic that for over twenty years has been bulletproof. When we decided to make a shock-absorbing ferrule, we knew from experience that spring loading the carbide tip was not the answer. We wanted the shock-absorbing feature to be independent of the carbide tip. The major advantage is that if the shock-absorbing spring should fail, the carbide tip remains intact and the skier is still able to pole. For the G3 version, we changed the spring retainer from a plastic unit to a high-strength 4mm socket bolt. We are now able to use a smaller diameter spring with a higher damping force. As can be seen in the graph below, the damping stroke has been increased by approximately 40%. The spring force when the damping plunger first hits the pavement is lower on G3 than on the previous models, but after only 1.5mm of compression the force is equal to starting force of G1 & G2, and then increases rapidly. When the carbide tip penetrates the pavement the damping force of G3 is more than 2 times greater than G1 and G2. The result is greater shock absorption. Another advantage with G3 is that if the spring should fail it can be replaced by removing the nut and 4mm bolt. This was not possible in the G1 and G2 version REPLACING THE SPRING OR ALTERING THE LENGTH OF THE DAMPING STROKE Tools required: 3mm Allen wrench (supplied) and 7mm wrench (not supplied). The damping stroke can be shortened by tightening the nut. We do not recommend lengthening the damping stroke by loosening the nut. To replace the spring, or bolt, simply place the 3mm Allen wrench in the head of the socket bolt and with the 7mm wrench remove the nut and install a new spring or bolt. When supplied the bolt is covered with a light layer of grease. If the spring-loaded device is not moving smoothly compress the spring by pushing the bolt against a solid object and put grease on the non-threaded portion of the bolt.
One Way Rollerski Ferrule
Sold in Pairs. One Way Rollertip - The replacement roller tip from One Way. Specially developed tip with a long shaft for roller skis. Compatible with all 9 mm shafts Diameter: 9 mm Tip: Tungsten
Swix Diamond Stone File
For carving skis and snowboards. For sharpening, deburring and polishing steel edges. Best used with water. Diamond Files provide the cutting ability of a file and the deburring and polishing ability of a stone all in one tool. The Diamond Files are perfect to carry in the pocket for quick removal of the fine burrs created on the edge when skiing or riding on aggressive man-made snow. Swix Diamond stones have taken the technology one step further. The diamond fabric has been adhered to the flat, true aluminum piece to assure that there is no pressure rollover when sharpening side and base bevels. This special diamond cluster pattern will last longer than conventional diamond strips. The configuration in conjunction with a polishing agent will help in moving the excess material from the edge to leave a clean, smooth mirror finish. FEATURES: - Red / Coarse 200 grit - light cutting to reestablish the edge bevel - Economical diamond grit pattern mounted on a durable aluminum plate for excellent grip and control - Use with polishing solution for enhanced longevity and sharpening performance. - Dimensions: 103 mm x 24 mm x 4.5 mm; diamond area is 80 mm x 20 mm
V2 Aero 150 Skate Tube
In this case a new tube is better than a patch. If you've gone through the trouble of removing the tire, start with a new tube. Sold Individually.
V2 Rollerski Ferrules 8mm &10mm
Super durable and affordable ferrule option for rollerskiing. Carbide spike can be resharpened with diamond stone many times. Specify size when ordering. Require sharpening. Sold in pairs.
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