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Salomon Profil Auto Jr Bindings
The Profil Auto Junior Cross Country Ski Binding is for kids who have SNS® Junior soles in their boots. The bindings have a pivot located at the boot tip for good control and lateral stability. A steel clamp holds the pivot bar at the toe. BOOT COMPATIBILITY: These bindings are compatible ONLY with SNS Profil boots. They are not compatible with Turnamic, Prolink, Rottefella NNN, and SNS Pilot boots. SKI COMPATIBILITY: These bindings are compatible with any ski, but may need an additional interface plate (sold separately) when mounting to skis that use IFP or NIS binding mounting plates.
Salomon Prolink Skate Flexor 115 - pair
Specific flexor for Salomon Prolink Race Skate and Prolink Pro Skate bindings with 115 flex index to provide best balance between control and freedom of movement. Sold as a pair.
Rottefella Xcelerator 2.0 Skate NIS Bindings
Rotefella NIS-NNN Xcelerator Skate 2.0 Binding. This is the racer’s choice binding! This lightweight racing binding is lighter, more durable, and a more secure fit than the Performance Skate. Fits all NNN-compatible boots (including Prolink and Turnamic). These bindings only affix to skis with an NIS plate (Nordic Integrated System)(not included). Binding are able to be fine-tuned by adjusting the binding (w/ a simple key included) forward for more control, or backward for more glide. Dual flexor system provides amazing control and balance of ski tip. Wide platform for stability and control.
Rossignol BC Auto Backcountry Bindings
Explore beyond the groomed. The BC Auto backcountry ski binding delivers step-in ease and a wide platform for off-trail touring. The hands-free system offers quick-and-easy entry and a wide 56mm steering plate for the stability to break your own trail. The traditional screw-mount is compatible with all flat-mount skis.
Rossignol Classic Race Bindings
Step into race-proven performance. The Race Classic binding is designed for competitive and recreational racers. Built on the Turnamic Nordic system, the binding is compatible with all NNN and Prolink boot soles. The system features easy, tool-free fore and aft adjustability for customized performance based on snow conditions. A user-friendly step-in system makes for quick entry. It is only compatible with the Turnamic IFP plate. Easy to Use, Tunable Performance: TURNAMIC binding design offers easy on and off plus tool-free adjustment to fine-tune binding position according to conditions. Quick, Tool-Free Set-Up: Double Lock Slider (race) and Clip Lock Slider systems offer easy installation and adjustment on the new IFP binding plate. Classic Specific Flex: Classic Flexors offer tool-free replacement for progressive power transfer and better ski control for classic skiing.
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