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Classic Rollerskis

V2 XLK9848 Classic Rollerski
The taller wheels of the 9848 allow better roll over in debris strewn roads or even crushed limestone paths. The wheels are also wider and that makes the ski more comfortable and stable for long double pole sessions. Binding not included.
V2 920XLK Composite Classic Rollerski
The 92XLK is the culmination of endless testing and refinement by V2 founder, Len Johnson. The focus of this ski is incredible comfort and precise handling through vibration reduction. No other rollerski is as comfortable. The Q’s composite construction uses a proprietary, high-compression foam core bound by special Japanese vibration-damping metal laminates and a unique vibration-dampening layer from 3M that bonds the shafts to the DuPont vibration-damping composite forks. Athlete feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. American ski phenom, Kris Freeman, says these are the smoothest rollerskis he has ever tested, hands down. All component materials are finished and assembled in New Hampshire, USA. Equipped with rear "20-series", medium speed wheels and front clutch wheels for a balance of speed and resistance. Will accept brakes and speed reducers. Bindings not included.
V2 XLA9848 Classic Rollerski
Less expensive than the XLK9848, this super work horse will get you ready for the Swedish Vasaloppet 90K. Binding not included.
Fischer Carbonlite Classic Rollerski
Excellent balance and flex in a durable Fischer construction. Smooth ride. Training on various surfaces is as challenging for wheels as it is for rollerskiers. The Carbonlite Classic FR has a smooth riding Air Core Composite frame, Razor Shape base for excellent ground clearance, and solid rubber wheels for long lasting durability and added cushioning on uneven surfaces. Binding not included.
V2 910 Aluminum Classic Rollerski
Solid workhorse - stable, durable and inexpensive. Outfitted with V2's slowest wheel, these skis deliver excellent cardio training. This model tests similar to snow speeds in GPS testing. Can be outfitted with V2 brakes or speed reducers. Binding not included.
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