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Brakes & Speed Reducers

V2 900XLQ Speed Reducer Pair
Control your decents or turn flatlands into uphills! The 900Q speed reducer pair mounts on the front fork of the new V2 Carbon Classic 900Q.
V2 98XLQ Speed Reducer Pair
Control your decents or turn flatlands into uphills! The 98Q speed reducer pair mounts on the front fork of the new 98Q Rollerskis.
V2 XL Aero Speed Reducer Pair
Fits Aero 150 Skis. These devices allow you to incrementally increase rolling resistance. Duplicate hills in flatlander country or contain the speed of killer descents to within sane limits. Speed reducers can open up hilly terraine previously too steep to descend. One per ski needed for proper function. Sold in pairs, call for singles.
V2 Aero Brake 2020
The original brake system for V2 roller skis was developed over twelve years ago, but the Patent was not issued until 2010. Since the introduction, there are a number of improvements, many based on comments by users, but there have been no major changes. Now introducing the first major improvement of the brake since its commercial introduction in 2006. Some skate boots are now so tall that the brake arm yoke, even when adjusted to the highest position, touches the boot instead of the calf. For the most efficient braking it’s important that the yoke engages the calf, not the boot. The new brake arm and yoke is not just taller, but also stronger and has more vertical and horizontal adjustments to better fit the users anatomy, and is designed so that there is no need to drill a safety screw hole. In addition to being functionally better, it’s also more attractive.
V2 900XLQ Brake
Lean back "tele-style" to activate this brake. A very effective braking system that gives the skier the safety and control needed for gradual or sudden stops. Only one brake needed per pair of skis. Compatible with the new V2 Carbon Classic 900Q.
V2 New Aero Brake 150
The newest version of our brake is stronger than the previous version, and allows for the cuff to ride a bit higher, to ensure that the cuff will hit the back of the skier’s leg arather than getting caught on the boot. The B150XL is designed for use on the XL150S, the XL125S , XL150SC and the XLA/XLC/XLK/XLQ9848. Also fits older XL900, XLC900, XL98 , XLC98, XL9848 and XLC9848 roller skis. Not for use on Non-XL versions of our skis (olkder models) Sold singly, mounts to the back of one roller ski.
V2 V2 Speed Reducer XLQ9848
The stainless steel roller arms and machined aluminum lever make it light and strong while nylon rollers and bushings reduce noise. Dual bearings ensure solid contact with the wheels and it works well in both wet and dry conditions. The lever actuated system has one neutral and four resistance positions that is easy to engage for training or for slowing the skis when negotiating moderately steep downhills. Sold in pairs, mounts to the front of each roller ski. For steep terrain we recommend the use of a brake. For all XLA9848, XLK9848 and XLQ9848 roller skis.
V2 XL Aero Brake
Lean back against the leg support to rapidly come to a controlled stop. This brake is very effective and gives the roller skier the safety and control needed for a sudden stop. A very welcome addition to rollerskiing! One brake is required for a pair of skis.
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