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Swix T0162ND Medium/Fine Brass Brush
Swix brass brushes are very efficient at opening the base up and removing wax from the structure. They are quicker than nylon and last longer, and they require less pressure against the base to do the job. Long the standard on the World Cup circuit. Less aggressive than the T0158D Coarse Bronze Brush.
Swix T0158D Coarse Bronze Brush
Aggressive bristles for clean-up, freshening bases and heavy wax removal.
Swix T0160D Soft Blue Nylon Polishing Brush
Excellent final polishing brush for all waxes. A staple for every wax box.
Swix T0157D Horsehair Brush
Long-time favorite for brushing pure fluoro waxes. Excellent for fine structures.
Swix T0161D Stiff White Nylon Brush
If you own only one brush, this is it. Use it after every time you scrape your glide wax. Cleans the wax from the structure to speed up your skis.
Swix Fibertex T267-Combi 3-Pack
One sheet each of abrasive, mild abrasive, and polishing fibertex.
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