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Bliz Optics Vision Nano/Nordic Light

Bliz Optics Vision Nano/Nordic Light
  • Color: Black Frame, Coral/Blue Multi Nordic Light
  • Color: Black Frame, Begonia/Blue Multi Nordic Light
$79.88 - $119.95
Color: Black Frame, Coral/Blue Multi Nordic Light
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Vision is a unisex model made to fit wider faces. A model with unique possibilities to adjust to your personal preferences. Jawbone technology lets you adjust both performance and looks. Function and comfort are top-notch. Vision Nano Optics Nordic Light is created to meet the needs of the most demanding sports such as cycling, skiing and hiking. A great choice when both amateur and elite athletes demand the very best. Since no two pairs of eyes are identical, Vision lets you use an optical adaptor (can be purchased separately). You can have this adaptor adjusted to fit your eyeglass prescription. The result is a model so finely tuned to your needs that you are always able to perform at the highest level thanks to fantastic visual performance. If you want a pair of glasses that are 100% tuned to you - and only you - Vision is the choice for you.???

Vision Nano Optics Nordic Light is equipped with a Nordic Light™ lens. A high-tech lens that significantly enhances contrast and pops certain colors, giving you clear and crisp vision in poor visibility conditions such as flat light. The lens filters out the blurry colors between the blue and green, and the green and red wavelengths. These parts of the color spectrum are reduced(?) by the Nordic Light lens, giving you a considerably sharper view with better contrast even in the toughest weather conditions. In addition, you’re guaranteed to stay fog-free with the built-in ventilation and integrated anti-fog treatments in the lens. The lens also has minimal distortion for crisp vision in every direction.???Materials?Vision is made from Grilamid TR90, a high-tech material that is super lightweight and very flexible. Vision guarantees excellent performance and comfort in the freezing cold as well as in scorching heat – despite its exceptionally lightweight.

Vision is easy to fit to your needs. For maximum field of view on your morning run, use Vision without the Jawbone technology. Then add Jawbone for your bumpy mountain bike ride in the afternoon for better stability and protection. Vision is carefully designed to suit different types of faces. The temples are made with wire core that can be adjusted for optimal fit. The nose pad is adjustable to make the glasses as comfortable as possible. The lens is detachable and can easily be switched to different lens colors and filter categories (can be purchased separately). The optical adapter (purchased separately) can hold your personal eyeglass prescription so you never miss a thing!. Vision is the ultimate frame for the ultimate performance.

0 = Dark conditions such as sunset, night, indoor, snowy or cloudy. LT 80-100%
1 = Flat light conditions, increase contrast and brighten up the landscape. LT 43-80%
2 = Increase contrast great for bright days, allround. LT 18-43%
3 = For bright conditions. LT 8-18%
4 = Exceptionally strong sunlight. LT 3-8%