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Fast Wax HSX Paste Wax 60g

Fast Wax HSX Paste Wax 60g
  • Temperature: HSX – All temps
  • Temperature: HSX 10 – 5° to 15° F
  • Temperature: HSX 20 – 12° to 30° F
  • Temperature: HSX 30 – 22° to 38° F
  • Temperature: HSX 40 – 32° to 50° F
$18.88 - $27.88
$25.00 - $36.00
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Introducing the new HSX series of paste waxes from Fast Wax. Utilizing the base formula of our long running and famous HSP line of Fluoronated paste waxes. HSX utilizes an all new, environmentally friendly (Green) speed additive. Still easy to use, still the best value in paste wax, and still faster than fast!

Just wipe it on and go. No iron needed, no scraping, no mess. For longer lasting speed, buff in with the Speed Block and brush-out.

HSX – All temp paste wax and ski conditioner.

HSX 10 – 5° to 15° F Race level performance when the weather gets cold and nasty.

HSX 20 – 12° to 30° F Our all time best selling HSP product. Excellent performance for the most common winter temps.

HSX 30 – 22° F to 38° F Perfect temps for our Fluoro replacement technology to really kick into gear.

HSX 40 – 32° F to 50° F Its hot hot hot out! The product with the highest concentration of our new fluoro replacement.