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Fast Wax Non-Fluoro HS 80g

Fast Wax Non-Fluoro HS 80g
  • Temperature: HS White: below 8F
  • Temperature: HS Teal: -5F-15F
  • Temperature: HS Blue: 12F-28F
  • Temperature: HS Red: 22F-32F
  • Temperature: HS Yellow: 30F-50F
$15.00 - $16.99
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White 80gm HS-0 (Below 8F):
Extremely hard, cold weather wax best suited for fresh or wind-blown snow near or below zero. Apply with caution as a very hot iron is needed. Popular with many racing teams in the upper Midwest for mid-winter races.

Teal 80gm HS-10 (-5F-15F)
"Mid-cold" teal is a reliable and economical training wax for abrasive snows in the teens and single digits. Applies easier than extreme white. Comparable to Swix CH5X. Also available in 500g bulk bars.

Blue 80gm HS-20 (12F-28F)
Fast Wax Blue is one of our more popular choices. Makes a good "universal" glider for waxers looking for a simple set-up Comparable to Swix CH6X. Also available in 500g bulk bars.

Red 80gm HS-30 (22F-32F)
This broad-range training wax will work well from slightly above freezing and even down into the teens if the snow is somewhat transformed. 500g bar available for high-volume waxers.

Yellow 80gm HS-40 (30F-50F)
Soft glider for wet, clean snow and also a great summer storage wax. 500g bar available for high volume waxing.